IT’S Halloween and the Reds are scaring teams up and down the country. Unstoppable these Reds. Another ‘potential banana skin – tough place to go this, lads’ successfully navigated.

As our place in the title race becomes more of a formality it seems more people are finding more ways to try and write us off. Whether they’re valid points or not is a different story, and one I’m not thinking about at this stage. I just want to watch the Reds every single day.


Klopp: I Have No Idea What To Do To Win The League

Sounds worse than it is. But, while Jürgen knows we’re in a title race, he openly admits that he isn’t sure what it will take to win the league. Which is fair, he’s not a psychic. Nobody actually knows, though people will try to predict – or even claim they ‘know’.

Klopp said: “I have no idea, it’s my first proper season in the Premier League. I have no idea what to do to win the Premier League.

“But I’m really sure it was never decided at the end of October. We feel good at the moment, that’s all.”

Doesn’t mean we aren’t gonna win. He knows we are.

Pardew: Liverpool The Best We’ve Faced

Really enjoyed Alan Pardew’s post-match on Saturday. Genuine comedy gold, that bloke. He’s literally just the epitome of yer da’. The dancing in the FA Cup final, the bad specs, just all adds up. Least he knows a good team when he sees one, though.

He said: “It’s very difficult to play against them. The speed, the runners, they’re coming from every angle. They’ve got some fantastic players.

“They are as good as anyone we’ve played this year.”

The Reds.


Souness: Liverpool Are The Best Attackers

More people saying nice things about the Reds. Keep them coming, lads. This time it’s former player and manager Graeme Souness, who reckons Klopp’s side are as good as anybody offensively.

He said: “On the front foot, they are as good as anyone – maybe the best – right now. They are fabulous.”

Is right, Graeme.

The Creative Reds

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