SATURDAY starts surprisingly sprightly after a Friday night out that I decided to take the car to, as I’m a child who can’t be trusted not to drink unless I’m in charge of a vehicle. Well in to everyone who organised Psych Fest and happy birthday Kate Holian. Both brilliant Liverpool institutions.

I’m DJing Saturday night so Saturday morning involves getting my set together. Which is a posh way of saying I spent all morning listening to guitar bands from my teenage years. Keeps me out the pub…

I successfully stayed out of the pub until 1.30pm when I meet Kev ‘cans’ Kelly who is over from Dublin and hungover as hell. Kev is one of the Bray 500 and was greeted at the airport the night before by a taxi driver who asked “hotel or brass house?”. Good to see the Liverpool Tourism Board pulling the stops out.

I grab Kev from one Irish pub and take him to another where my friends are. Leicester City score a goal, but unfortunately not the other four they need to win the game. We argue over who is going the bookies and who is going the bar. Needless to say neither was Kev Walsh.

We get a black taxi, eventually, after Uber demand a 3.6x surcharge “to get more drivers on the road”. Always thinking of us those boys.

I’m sat with Kev, Andy Heaton and the Jackson family from Congleton who I haven’t met before but are lovely. Goals are celebrated, Reds are upped and beer is bought. Saturday’s at 3pm never felt better.

The Reds were mustard, weren’t they? We joke that the game is safe at 4-1 and 11v10 but really it was never in doubt. The Reds are a greedy as Jürgen Klopp promised us they would be.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Saturday, September 24, 2016: A Liverpool supporter on the Spion Kop with a cardboard effigy of manager Jürgen Klopp during the FA Premier League match against Hull City at Anfield. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

The crowd are good too. Its noticeable that songs are starting now from all areas of the ground, not just relying on The Kop. I love it that a group of lads have just looked at each other in the new main stand and thought “go ‘ed”. Who knows we might even get a song from the upper cenny before the season is out.

After the game we all agree what a shame it is Everton have lost for the second time in a week and then head to The Stanley where Arsenal are walloping Chelsea. Well not literally there, it’s on the TV. Andy does his match ratings like I imagine they do at The Nationals. By shouting ” Klavan, what do we reckon?” and taking the average.

From there it is off to Heebie Jeebies and Liquidation. Liquidation is the oldest, and best, indie club night in Liverpool and tonight I’m DJing there for the first time, which is very exciting indeed.

I play singles from lads with guitars in between great Liverpool bands The Shipbuilders and Seawitches. My friends all come because they are lovely. Karl Kennedy comes because apparently he always comes out after Liverpool games now, which is great news. Everyone gets a picture with him.

Regular DJ Jules soon takes over as he actually knows what he’s doing. We all get very drunk. I leave all my expensive stuff all over the city and somehow get it all back the next day. But not before I have to go to Birkenhead and play the trumpet very badly.

Up The Liquidation Reds.