A happy affair The Rider this week. Everyone is delighted to be there, delighted to bring you nine fabulous songs. A veritable joy to be alive.

The songs are splendid. Neil Atkinson, Stephanie Heneghan and John Gibbons are having a great time. It’s everything you need to remind you that the sunshine is still with us, at least for another few weeks.

The Rider – The Feel Good Hit Of The Summer.

The songs:

1. Cassius/Cat Power/ Pharrell – Go Up

2. Carly Rae Jepsen/Danny L Harle – Super Natural

3. Giggs – Whippin Excursion

4. Rats On Rafts/De Kift – Sleep Little Links 234


6. Jamie T – Power Over Men

7. TIGA – 3 Rules

8. Virgin Of The Birds – Spooky, Stony, Barely Over Thirty

9. Sinead Harnett – If You Let Me