AT The Anfield Wrap we try to do more than just football occasionally. Football is a major part of our lives and yours too. We know that. But there is more to life than just football and there is more to football supporters lives than just football too.

Therefore, between the free feed and TAW Player we are looking to occasionally interview people from Liverpool whose lives are of interest to us, who may have things to say or insights into culture or industry we might not have thought of before. Basically – people who get our attention.

Our first of these is opera singer (mezzo-soprano) Jennifer Johnston. Jennifer grabbed the attention of Neil Atkinson and John Gibbons and so we decided to get her up the darkened steps of Motel and sit down with her to ask her about her life, her work, how the two intertwine.

We’re made up with the outcome and we are putting it out as a show for everyone to hear about the universality of art in our lives, about the importance of access to art for all and about how crossing over shouldn’t mean weakening what you do.

We hope you are made up too and you find the time to listen to this conversation.

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