VILLRREAL, SPAIN - Thursday, April 28, 2016: Liverpool's Joe Allen looks dejected after the injury-time goal to Villarreal CF during the UEFA Europa League Semi-Final 1st Leg match at Estadio El Madrigal. (Pic by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

THIS will be low on scores, high on chat. Because lots about tonight was interesting, and very little of it has to do with what score I’m going to give Dejan Lovren out of 10.

Liverpool fans were allocated 2,000 tickets tonight and a lot of them went spare. People couldn’t give them away outside the ground. I’m not sure what happened to the hundreds who were begging for one of the 3,000 Dortmund tickets in Germany. Maybe people get despondent and don’t travel. Maybe some games are more trendy than others. I’m not sure.

Those that did go made a racket. I’m not sure you could hear us though, we were so high up and far away and caged in. You might have to take my word for it. I hope you heard us. Although it’s probably for the best Maggie Thatcher’s family didn’t….

The away end at Villarreal is mad. It’s on the top tier behind the opposite end the only goal went in. It has a 10-foot perspex wall, presumably to stop people throwing things or hurling themselves over the wall when Roberto Firmino misplaces a 10-yard pass.

Above that is a net. Between the net and the perspex is a foot-long metal sheet that means that everyone aside from the first two rows can’t see a stretch of the pitch. Like someone has put some gaffer tape across the middle of your TV. It’s different for each row. So you shout each other asking what is going on. Fifty euros the tickets were. Say what you want about the Premier League but if that was England we wouldn’t stand for it.

Three little birds

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The game goes along as you watched it. Some of the crowd are surprisingly restless. They call for a striker. Of course, when we bring one on, they score, but I’m too much of a wimp to point out the irony.

I wonder when 0-0 became a bad score away from home. Has football changed or football supporters? Maybe people were screaming at Houllier at Barca away during 2001 and I don’t remember it. We seemed very restless in the crowd considering the situation.

I bumped into handsome James Cutler after the game and he tells me he worries we’re not a 1-0 at home team like we were in 2001. Maybe it’s not football or us but these crazy Reds.

It doesn’t matter because we don’t get 0-0. Ironically, again, because a couple of midfielders are aggressive and press when they should sit and a full back is too high up. Those damn attacking, defensive Reds. Last kick though. The last kick is the deepest.

So now we go again to a home game I hope isn’t a famous night too many with a quality player too few. Pray 4 Phil. Unleash Daniel. Up the Reds.

Simon Mignolet: 7
Nathaniel Clyne: 7
Dejan Lovren: 7
Kolo Toure: 7
Alberto Moreno: 6
Lucas Leiva: 6
Joe Allen: 6
James Milner: 6
Philippe Coutinho: 5
Adam Lallana: 5
Roberto Firmino: 5


Jordon Ibe: 5
Christian Benteke: n/a