NEIL ATKINSON is joined by Adam Smith, Gareth Roberts and John Gibbons for this week’s free Monday podcast after a tumultuous weekend which saw Liverpool record a third league win on the bounce for the first time in over 12 months.

Having found themselves a goal and a man down to a side they’ve not beaten in the league away from home since 1997, how did Liverpool manage to claw themselves back into the game to record a win having come from behind with 10 men for the first time in the club’s entire history?

What could Liverpool seemingly do with 10 men that they couldn’t with 11?

How did James Milner’s red card alter the rhythm of the game and just how did Crystal Palace and their smarm-fest of a manager contrive to screw it up so badly?

And what is it with fairly simple rules not being understood by highly-paid professionals?

What a game.

What a win.

It’s The Anfield Wrap big show in the week when Liverpool said no.

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