JOHN GIBBONS has chosen the best song ever and Neil Atkinson has opened the show with it. It verges on rude actually, the way John just chose the best song ever with a minimum of fuss.

Stephanie Heneghan has a full report on the first night’s djing for the Rider team, not that Adam Melia knows anything about it as he wasn’t there. People danced on both nights; that is the important thing.

The winds are high, the tower is swaying and everyone is lurching around the place like a pirate ship but there is no submission in The Rider’s desire to get you the best new music. There isn’t just The Best Song Ever, there are also nine other absolute belters which is good news too.

And of course listen out for the moment when we are having a conversation and Neil literally just cuts out. It’s been three years. He was bound to run out of words at some point.

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