I MISSED the first 15 minutes because six o’clock kick offs are daft. Left poor old IT Matt on the side of the street waiting for his ticket while I sent him pictures of traffic jams. Good at penalties though Jimmy Milner, isn’t he? Maybe he should imagine he is taking one when hitting a corner.

On the football, Liverpool created chances well and finished them badly. They defended well at times and recklessly at others. I also spend a lot of time marvelling at what time it was. “Only seven o’clock! Be home by nine here.”

Liverpool were in the next round of the Europa League by 8 o’clock. Somewhere hot next round please, lads. Bet Valencia is lovely in March.

Simon Mignolet 8

Out fast and smart when our defense completely disappeared second half. Great flying punch, too. Kept his head well first half when Lucas lost his.

Nathaniel Clyne 6

Seems to be shooting more. Maybe he’s bought himself in his fantasy football team. I like Nathaniel Clyne.

Alberto Moreno 4

Poor with his passing and generally looked like he didn’t want to be there. Might have been protesting against 6pm kick offs. Which I can get on board with.

Lucas Leiva 5

Rubbish back pass and looked like he was struggling with the role for the first time, as quite routine balls over the top seemed to catch him out. But recovered well, made some good tackles and won some good headers late on.

Mamadou Sakho 7

Did well defensively on set pieces. Helped us get a clean sheet. Thank you, lad.

Emre Can 5

Didn’t think it was a great day for Emre. Another one who might have had an eye on Sunday.

Jordan Henderson 6

Struggled with his passing at times but I thought he was much better with his running. Game summed up rather when he burst into the box brilliantly to tamely shot on goal. Felt a step in the right direction though.

James Milner 6

Some great bulldozing runs down the right. Seemed to be playing a mixture of football and British Bulldog. Scored a penalty, by all accounts.

Philippe Coutinho 7

Best outfield player. All shimmies and clever one twos. Some silly shots, but you can’t have it all.

Roberto Firmino 6

Quite-ish game for the other Brazilian, but showed some good link-up play with his mate. Nice having another fella in the box.

Daniel Sturridge 6

It’s funny because you expect his all-round game to be rusty, but his finishing to be spot on, yet it is the opposite at the moment. Or maybe he is saving the goals for Sunday. Let’s go with that one.


Divock Origi 6

Looked bright when he came on, but faded rather. Held it up well.

Joao Teixeira 5

Looks a fair way off, really. Not sure he offers enough.