IN this week’s Big Show, Neil Atkinson is joined by John Gibbons and Rob Gutmann to talk about what has been dubbed (By Rob) as ‘The Most Important 10 Days Of Our Season’.

In a show that offers up more questions than answers, mostly for the manager, the lads look to how Liverpool and Jürgen Klopp might manage the potential banana skin of Ausburg at home with the League Cup Final on the horizon.

With constant mentions of the word ‘rhythm’ from the manager of late, does he dare risk his star striker on the pitch only three days before the League Cup Final or will leaving Sturridge with only 60 minutes of football in 10 days cause more than than good?

Or will Klopp look to give Benteke his head with a view to putting a marker down and rescue a faltering Liverpool career? Front to back, with the starting XI be more about rest or reward?

And could the result against Ausburg go a long way to dicating the outcome of the back to back fixtures against Manchester City?

All this and Danny Ing’s recovery montage on this week’s free podcast.

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