Football - FA Premier League - West Ham United FC v Liverpool FCQUESTIONS: What does a Liverpool goal look like?

Any ideas? I’m stumped. I know what a *Daniel Sturridge* goal looks like. I even feel like I can hazard a decent enough guess at a Christian Benteke goal. He arguably mishit one from 15 yards at 1-0. But none of these are simply Liverpool goals. Indeed, let me rephrase…

What was a Liverpool goal meant to look like today?

I’ve no idea. I’ve never had less idea. This wasn’t Watford where Liverpool were 2-0 down by 20. This was a game where Liverpool were able to get approximately on top. But there was still no idea what the finish would be. What the chance that was carved out would be. It cannot be that someone just does something boss. Yet it was difficult to see what else it could be.

Liverpool have a lot of lads who might make something happen. A lot of lads who might box something. But few who almost certainly will. And the thing about those who almost certainly will is they make those who might far more likely. The game is about space and brilliance. One begets the other. Today Liverpool had neither.

What changes it?

The market is what everyone will think. And if Liverpool get lucky it might. But as Paul Senior pointed out on The Pink, Manchester City spend £25m on Navas and then £50m on Sterling because the former never made it happen. The latter also hasn’t seen two Manchester City away league goals at the time of writing since September 2015.

The point is that it is hard. But maybe the moral is to have goalscorers on the pitch, lads who have a return to their name; rather than a team full of would-be number 10s, have goalscorers. Ensure they are always present in the starting 11 and from the bench. Don’t scrimp.

How else can there be improvement?

Don’t concede early, though some balls in can just be too delicious.

Everyone concedes early sometimes. But consistently conceding early all the time away from home has to stop soon. To constantly be at that sort of disadvantage kills a side eventually.

Conceding when you don’t know where your equaliser comes from is a body blow difficult to come back from.

Football - FA Premier League - West Ham United FC v Liverpool FCAny positives?

Emre Can in a sense. But it displays the slight futility of centre midding that. He played well. But unless he is helping or making consistent final third things happen, or on the other hand stopping them from happening, then he is difficult to full throatedly praise.

What next?

A game of football against Stoke in a competition Liverpool have won four times since they last won the title. League cups are far easier than leagues.

Up the Reds

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