Football - Football League Cup - Semi-Final 2nd Leg - Liverpool FC v Stoke City FCNO matter how many penalty shoot-outs I see us win, I’m still a wreck. Going into the game 1-0 up from the first leg, Liverpool didn’t seem to know how to approach the game. Seeing out a 0-0 never looked likely.

Second half was slightly better but Stoke never looked like being as generous as Norwich at the back. We still look short in attack. But we might have another Brazilian back in time for the final at the end of February. In the meantime… GET THE BUS BOOKED, MICK LAD!!

Simon Mignolet: 7

Two top saves and nearly got to another. Was clearly made up. Hopefully turns something around for him.

Jon Flanagan: 5

I guess it depends what you want from a full back. Was good in the tackle and didn’t look like being beaten. Was smart with his positioning too. But my word his passing. Let’s put it down to rustiness.

Kolo Toure: 6

Did alright but you sense he’s managing himself through games, which isn’t ideal. But should be rightly proud of what he’s put in for the club last few weeks. Back in the ice bath now, Kolo.

Mamadou Sakho: 7

He’s a mad one to rate. Let one bounce over his head in the box at one point. But some great blocks. Much better overall.

Alberto Moreno 6

Gave one soft free kick away first half but generally dependable. Can he please never ever take a free kick again though? Not sure he impressed Klopp….

Lucas Leiva: 8

Gave the Stoke fans loads after the penalty, which was brilliant. And then tried to put off their player with the old handshake routine. Then swerved celebrating with the team to fist pump the crowd. What a fella. That is why we like him, we like him, we like him…

Emre Can: 5

I don’t like doing the at the match versus watching on the TV thing because for many it’s a forced decision and some things you see better on the box anyway.

But you really need to be in the ground to appreciate how poor his decision making is.

At one point first half he got the ball in midfield with his back to the left. Moreno is screaming for the ball but he is facing the wrong way so he passes right. Not once but twice. On the TV it looks fine. The stats show two completed passes. But he could have set us away.

Jordan Henderson: 5

What on earth is going on? Are the rumours true and he’s going to be injured forever? Or does he just need longer to recover? In which case just start the lad on the bench who is playing great. Or pick another lad up front.

James Milner: 5
Position doing him no favours. We seem to have mistaken stamina for pace. Decent corners though. And great pen under pressure.

Adam Lallana: 6

He’s a funny player. A rare bright spark first half, then drifted out of it when we went on top. Probably a five overall but everyone is getting a point for a penalty.

Roberto Firmino: 6

Think he likes the fluid front three thing more than the treating him as a target man thing. Did well in the circumstances.


Christian Benteke: 7

Thought he did great. Held the ball up well and ran the channels, played a beautiful pass, took a nice penalty.

Joe Allen: 6

Wee Joe didn’t really make his mark, but what a penalty to win it.

Jordan Ibe: 5

Not sure what to do with him. The Europa might be his friend. Needs to figure out how long the pitch is soon.