Football - FA Cup - 3rd Round Replay - Liverpool FC v Exeter City FC

WELL that was enough for that. Our young lads might not have proved they were good enough for Liverpool’s first team, but they proved they were better than League Two.

They passed Exeter off the park and then kicked it in the goal three times. The Grecians (oh yes) ran around but couldn’t get in the game. But I hope the 50 per cent of their following who aren’t at Stamford Bridge next week enjoyed themselves.

Simon Mignolet: N/A

When someone quotes his number of clean sheets at you remember this was one of them. We could have had Konchesky’s ma in goal.

Connor Randall: 6

Overlapped well. Showed commitment all night.

Tiago Ilori: 6

Decent run out for arl poppadom legs. No real actual defending to do, but he passed it well and actually managed to stand up for 90 minutes. Progress.

Jose Enrique: 6

I went in really hoping I didn’t notice him and left actually remembering a couple of good things he did. So let’s drink to that.

Brad Smith: 7

Still seems the most likely. Super for the opener and runs all day. Fast! Didn’t see much from the wand, but maybe he’s saving it for Stoke.

Kevin Stewart: 7

Played like the old pro he is. Got rushed a couple of times, but generally impressive.

Cameron Brannagan: 6

Showed more authority. Decent in the tackle and a couple of good efforts on goal, too.

Football - FA Cup - 3rd Round Replay - Liverpool FC v Exeter City FCJoe Allen: 7

Opened the scoring and generally looked cool and calm about the whole thing. The kind of midfielder it’s good for other younger players to play with.

Jordon Ibe: 7

Even running at 70/80 per cent he looked the most dangerous player on the pitch by a distance. Really unlucky with a couple of efforts. Not least the one off the bar.

Joao Teixeira: 7

Whatever happens next he’s always scored for Liverpool. Lovely to watch but hard to see where his next start is.

Christian Benteke: 5

Given how good he is for the first, and how terrific he is for the third, it’s difficult to rate him any lower. But he was rarely where you wanted him to be on the football pitch, and 0 goals in 180 minutes against Exeter doesn’t read well. Hates one on ones.



Standing ovation when he came on. Even Cafu was made up. After that it was all about minutes in the legs.

Sheyi Ojo: 7

Yes, lad. Made a mockery of the ‘hard to score’ nonsense. Just put it in the goal and discuss your options later.

Pedro Chirivella: n/a

Not really enough time to show what he is. Although I’m not completely sure what it is.