Football - FA Premier League - Liverpool FC v Manchester United FCOVER the years a few tidy teams have turned up to Anfield. You think “how are these 10th, they look really good”. Then they don’t score, and someone like Fernando Torres knocks a couple in and we all go home.

Liverpool have become that team. Often the better side, but not often enough the winning one. Liverpool played pretty well today, very well at moments, but so what? The team from Manchester go home with the points.

Getting three goals on Wednesday is the exception. You look at the attacking players picked today and they are one in five at best, and one in 12 or 13 at worst. Very few look like they even know how to strike a ball. But we carry on with what we’ve got.

Simon Mignolet: 6

Very little to do. Not sure how he ends up on the floor after watching one on to the bar, but unlikely he saves the rebound anyway. Because kicking the ball dead hard into the roof of the net has its benefits.

Nathaniel Clyne: 5

Flies past their full back first half, and generally chose his moments to get forward well, but on more than one occasion he got caught out at the back which could have been costly. Touch too casual at times.

Alberto Moreno: 6

Hard to fault him. Solid enough.

Kolo Toure: 8

Terrific stuff. Give him a contract. Give him two.

Mamadou Sakho: 7

The hardest one to rate as he goes from one extreme to another. Some of his passing first half was suicidal, but then he rescued us on more than one occasion.

Lucas Leiva 7.5

Dealt well enough with Fellaini and passed it well throughout. Extra half a point for the headbutt.

Emre Can: 7

His refusal to play at anything other than his own pace has to be admired. He’ll play at his own tempo, thank you very much. But for all the times he gets it taken off his toes there are loads where he looks terrific. Had our best attacking moments. Some shot, some save.

Jordan Henderson: 5

Can’t help but think of the best chances of the game falling to him and him fluffing his lines. He’ll be the most disappointed tonight.

James Milner: 5

Struggled to get into it. Not able to influence the game enough. Don’t think you can play him front three.

Adam Lallana: 5

Part of the problem not the solution. Just very 7th to 10th in the league.

Roberto Firmino: 7.5

All things considered I thought he was terrific. Just needed a bit more help.


Jordon Ibe: 5

Seemed too deep. Would set him on Exeter.

Christian Benteke: 5

Thought it was great how the crowd were shouting for him to come on and then got on his back straightaway. Maybe they just needed someone to take it out on.

Steven Caulker: n/a

Let’s swerve that now, lads