NEIL ATKINSON takes TAW Player to Radio Citytalk.

After Liverpool’s thriller against Arsenal Neil Atkinson and Sean Rogers are joined by Phil Blundell to do a Tuesday Review style show on the radio and get into the issues and questions around Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool finding a way to score three but finding a way to concede three too. The three talk about:

– Why Klopp sets Liverpool up as he does?

– The impact of the inconsistent fitness levels around the eleven.

– How direct Arsenal were and how Liverpool struggled to cope.

– The issues around all three goals.

Every Tuesday Neil and Mold Alexandra manager Sean Rogers are joined by an Anfield Wrap contributor to talk in depth about the tactical aspects of the game. If you’ve been thinking about signing up for TAW Player, why not try it for a month and hear more of this sort of thing about the Manchester United and Norwich games to come?

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