SOME people stand in the darkness, afraid to step into the light, but with instinct stronger than reason the Red’s kept the three points in sight.

How do you pick the bones out of Norwich City 4 Liverpool 5?

Well joining Neil Atkinson to try and do so are John Gibbons, Paul Senior and Jack Whitehead.

Where to start? Where to end?

With heads still cabbaged and bits of bodies strewn all over the shop, where could you possibly begin?

With the set piece defending? Are they doing it deliberately? Is it some guerrilla marketing campaign for ‘Just For Men’ that the club haven’t told us about?

The same mistakes, everyone’s heads falling off, Groundhog Day. Again.

Only this week, somehow, miraculously, we woke up the next morning beside Andie MacDowell, or at least it felt like it.

The winner? The togetherness of the Reds? The celebration?

In a result that feels like more than a result, can the Red’s build up a head of steam with a month of big fixtures ahead of them?

Can the players learn the lessons but keep the madness?

So much to take out of one game and then Stoke to look forward to. What more can you do or say?

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