ONE eye on Exeter, one eye on Arsenal, The Anfield Wrap falls between stools, battered by the number of games as much as the manager and the players.

Neil Atkinson is joined by Mike Girling and Rob Gutmann to discuss Klopp’s embryonic Reds’s performance in Devon.

In the cold light of day, not an entirely poor performance?

Quite a few of the youngsters actually emerge in credit given the opposition, conditions and pressure around the fixture?

Were Liverpool defensively poor or did they just get caught by a good goal and then a freak goal?

Did the thrown together Liverpool side actually keep a decent shape for the most part?

What should the approach be against Arsenal? Who can we expect to see available?

Has anyone done enough against Exeter to be in contention for the Gunners and are the latest league leaders to come to Anfield a side to be afraid of?

Danny Ward coming back from Aberdeen after an impressive spell, he’s not going straight in between the sticks surely?

Looks like the end of Bogdan though, why do Liverpool continue to sign players they clearly haven’t done enough research on?

How many years has this been going on for now and what needs to change?

All that and, as a one off, we cross the streams, because, well, just because, as Neil, Mike and Rob finish this week’s show with a little chat about the genius of the dearly departed David Bowie.

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