Football - FA Cup - 3rd Round - Exeter City FC v Liverpool FC

WITH all of our games there was talk that a replay was the worst possible result. But this is fine. Send them out again at Anfield. See if they can learn things apparently they can’t learn in reserve football. Where many of these players find themselves bottom of the league.

Adam Bogdan: 3

How has this happened? How is he being paid to play for Liverpool? Someone should never work again.

Connor Randall: 4

Shows the value of playing youth with experience. Without that he looked lost for long periods. And it’s a fucking dreadful haircut.

Jose Enrique: 3

No idea where he was playing to be honest. At least looked fit. Can’t play football though, and distorts everything else.

Tiago Ilori: 4

I don’t care how fast he is over 20 metres. I don’t care how lovely he looks on the ball. He can’t defend crosses, he can’t head the ball and his body is made of crisps.

Brad Smith: 5

Another example of younger players looking better with good players. Nice finish though. Don’t think changes of position helped him. Or Enrique.

Kevin Stewart: 5

Looked fairly solid. But he’s 22. What’s the point.

Cameron Brannagan: 5

Some nice passing when he had time. But he still looks very nervous. He’s much better at Under-21 level, where he imposes himself much more.

Joao Teixiera: 6
Looked confident. Like he knew he was better. Drifts in and out, but more promise than most.

Ryan Kent: 6

Enjoyed his positivity. Not sure why he was taken off. Maybe an end product thing. Or fitness.

Jerome Sinclair: 5

Nice finish but very little else. Which is why they don’t seem too interested in keeping him on.

Christian Benteke: 5

Part of me thinks a £30million striker should show everyone up at this level. But then he’s not that sort of player. He forces a great save from the keeper from his one chance, and he’s involved in our best moves, including the equaliser. But it all feels a bit and what? You need more.


Pedro Chirivella: 4

Looked nervy. Kicked one into touch under no pressure. Reserve football is no practice.

Sheyi Ojo: 7

There was a boy who has played in front of a crowd. Confidence and threat.

Joe Maguire: N/A


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Pics: Propaganda-Photo–David Rawcliffe

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