Football - FA Premier League - Watford FC v Liverpool FC

VERY poor wasn’t it? From back to front. A keeper who can’t catch, a defence who can’t clear, a midfield who can’t pass and a forward line that can’t even stand onside. Baffling how clueless they were. How easily they were dragged down to their level. How resoundingly they were shoved about. Scores…

Adam Bogdan: 3

In positive figures for a decent recovery second half and a genuinely top-class save. But that first half. Wow. Can’t believe signing Bolton’s reserve goalie wasn’t a good idea.

Nathaniel Clyne: 4.5

Kind of feels like he’s the least of our worries. You can see how he works in a good team. Not many you can say that about today.

Alberto Moreno: 4

I really, really wish he could kick a football in a different way than putting his laces through it. We should tie him to a chair and make him watch left backs curl crosses in with the inside of their foot. Or play Brad Smith.

Martin Skrtel: 3

Dreadful for the second goal. Then gets himself injured because he’s more worried about bodychecking someone than heading it away.

Mamadou Sakho: 3


Football - FA Premier League - Watford FC v Liverpool FC

This fella’s jumper: -10

Just no, mate.

Lucas Leiva: 4

Poor in midfield, but did the best he could at centre half.

Emre Can: 3

Poor on the ball. Haven’t got much to add. Can’t carry him when everything else is going wrong.

Jordan Henderson: 6

Looked rusty, and a few times his final ball isn’t good enough. But did things that a top footballer does — in terms of movement, runs and desire — which puts him miles ahead of his team-mates.

Adam Lallana: 4.5

Infuriating first half when he runs it into their defenders when Henderson is in acres wide right. But shows a good attitude at 0-2. Looked like he was trying to find a way to get back into it at least.

Roberto Firmino: 3

Rumours that Anonymous are looking to replace the Guy Fawkes mask with a picture of Roberto Firmino’s face are as yet unfounded. Looking forward to the latest reason why he can’t perform for Liverpool. The Coutinho excuse is now consigned to the bin.

Philippe Coutinho: 3

I often wonder if lads who play in the centre have ever had to learn how to take a throw in. In the same way it looks like Phil Coutinho has never had to learn the offside rule.


Divock Origi: 5.5

Gave us more. Mis-controlled one out of play at one point. But it was only the 270th worst thing that happened. So, yeah.

Christian Benteke: 5

Their rubbish centre halves didn’t seem to like him. Worth thinking about.

Jordon Ibe: 5

Dunno really. Was pretending I was watching Heat by then

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