NEIL ATKINSON is joined by a biblical cast of thousands for the most festive look at the fixtures imaginable.

The Baileys will be flowing in the studio as Rob Gutmann, Steve Graves and Manchester United supporting Jon Birchall get stuck into the problems that have been posed for Klopp and his side in dealing with sides who sit deep and look to spring, especially when on Boxing Day the side that have managed that best in the country come to Anfield.

Then John Gibbons and Gareth Roberts interview Pete Selby from the For Foxes Sake podcast to talk about exactly what has powered Leicester City to the top of the table.

With Jon Birchall around it would be rude not to talk about Manchester United’s visit to Stoke and can Arsenal seize the day? Their visit to Southampton is about as big as it gets.

The Friday Show. Free for now and about as Christmassy as any football show can be. Come and have a listen…