LIVERPOOL, they build you up, they let you down, they turn you all around.

Joining Neil Atkinson this week are Gareth Roberts and Adam Smith to try and dissect Liverpool’s limp ‘performance’ at St James Park.

Were Liverpool crushed by expectation and other results, or did Newcastle finally put a performance in for a beleaguered Steve McClaren?

Did they trick themselves into making it harder than it needed to be?

Was a 5th game in 15 days too much of an ask?

Is Benteke/Firmino’s non existent partnership becoming a problem. Is it Benino? Or is it more Firmteke?

The midfield three of Allen, Lucas and Milner, maybe a little bit ploddy and in need of a bit of dynamism?

Finding themselves 1-0 down despite neither side having delivered a shot on target, the Red’s failed to respond in a fashion that we’ve become accustomed too of late with recent performers putting in distinctly sub-par performances.

Or was it a case of Liverpool, an own goal down and a legitimate disallowed worldy chalked off, simply unlucky?

Shades of grey, tons of grey.

And very little in the way of positives.

The Anfield Wrap, dogging it.

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