KLOPP takes it to the Kop.

Gardner walloping Lovren.

Liverpool’s set piece game being the hardest game in the world but the Reds eventually winning 2-2 against West Brom.

This week’s Anfield Wrap takes care of all the big issues from the Liverpudlian weekend along with the Europa League draw.

A great opening 25, only for the bubble to be burst by conceding another soft set-piece.

The goalkeeper, bloody hell, what can you say, just needs boxing now doesn’t it, but with a million games to go until January, what can we do?

Has the nervousness amongst set pieces now become a self fulfilling prophecy? Have we got Cornerphobia again?

Craig Gardner, a horror tackle or just unlucky? Seems to get worse with each viewing.

The game exploding into life in the last 30, combination of a horror tackle and Jürgen offering everyone outside for a straightener, has ever a draw against fodder ever felt so much like a win?

The frenzy of the last 5, the first goal in years thats been sucked in to the back of the net by the Kop, what has happened to Origi? Looks like a different player doesn’t he?

Klopp ignoring/forgetting to shake Pulis’ hand at full time, a nothing incident or as fake worthy as people are making it?

And the usual back to front, seemed to be all 6’s and 7’s in more ways that one.

All this, as usual, and more including the march towards the Kop at full time in this week’s big show.

And all in glorious technicolour.

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