Football - FA Premier League - Tottenham Hotspur FC v Liverpool FC

A DIFFICULT game to rate, really. In that we collectively looked good for periods, and collectively didn’t for others. But no-one ever said it was going to be easy. And sometimes a hero just needs to rise.

Simon Mignolet 8

Clean sheet. Couple of great saves. Grabbed things. Even if some of them were late. Are you sure you wanna piece of me?

Nathaniel Clyne 6

Looks happier at right back. You sense he was happy to have a steady game today.

Alberto Moreno 6

Pffft. Dunno. Rate him yourselves. Seems to want to make it work.

Martin Skrtel 6

It’s hard for a centre half sometimes. Harry Kane decided to play on Skrtel, which can make you look a hero or a fool. Skrtel ended up looking somewhere between the two.

Mamadou Sakho 7

Great block in the first half. Looked impressive when called upon, but hard to score him higher when we conceded chances so freely first half.

Lucas Leiva 7

Tired towards the end, but you feel much better when he’s there. Took an awful shot, like

Emre Can 7

Enjoyed his performance. Too soon to talk about the manager’s influence really, but Can did seem to have a bit more pep in his step.

James Milner 5

Looked a bit between positions. You feel him and Klopp can work together somehow. It’s just working out how.

Philippe Coutinho 5

I don’t think he’s a 10, you know. Prepared to have a chat about it whenever.

Adam Lallana 7

Work-rate phenomenal and central to all the good attacking work. Still does your head in, like. But faster.

Divock Origi 6

Hard for him. Was often isolated and out numbered. Hit the bar though. Close that. Although I’m no mathematician.


Joe Allen 5

Ran around a bit.

Jordon Ibe 5

Ran around a bit, too.


Mick Clarke 10

Can’t remember the last time i saw him when he’d been to bed.