Football - FA Premier League - Liverpool FC v Southampton FCPAUL Senior hangs on for me as I wait for The Pink show to bounce. I’ve no idea what bouncing is or what bouncing entails, but anyway. We have a chat and he says he’s maybe watched too much football. He hasn’t missed a domestic game since West Ham away in September 2014.

Watching too much football is something we talk a lot about on The Anfield Wrap. That there are people in the ground who have just seen too much for too long. Think about that run of games for Paul. Think about it.

For a ton of them Liverpool will not have had a recognised centre forward on the pitch. Of the rest, for most of them, Liverpool will not have had an elite centre forward on the pitch. Liverpool have drawn eight of their last nine games on English soil in all comps.

Paul would just like a win. We’d all just like a win.

There are tons of Pauls knocking around. I know when Anfield seems a long way away, which it is for many of you, or when away tickets seem a closed shop, which it is for many of you, there isn’t always a ton of sympathy for this sort of thing. We choose when we go. But we want to go because we want to believe in the Reds. Commune with the Reds.

Today we saw what an elite centre forward can do. Turn a game slogging towards a draw into a win. Today we saw what a side, and a support, exhausted by drawing can do — snatching a point from the jaws of victory.

When I spoke to people after the game there was a sense that James Milner gave a daft free kick away. It’s being spoken of in a manner similar to one given away in 2009 at Anfield against Everton when Mikel Arteta bends it in for Tim Cahill to equalise.

That was a dangerous position, this was over 40 yards from our goal.

If, when it is given, you, me, the players think “here we go” then that isn’t an issue around the free kick. It is an issue around the collective mentality. It should simply be dealt with. It’s a free kick 40 yards from goal. Yet Liverpool are undone again.

These lads have seen too much football. Played too much football together since West Ham away in 2014.

It isn’t dealt with.

Fine margins. Fine margins that always feel they are going against us. Everybody makes mistakes, but it seems it’s ours that always keep on stinging.

It’s quietly crazy how mediocre the number nine options have been since West Ham away in 2014. Everyone grew sick of me banging on about goals (and I understand why) but however you want to play the game if you want to do anything you need your top talent there.

Football - FA Premier League - Liverpool FC v Southampton FCHad the player who finished the game there started it things may have been different. Though Liverpool may well still have found ways to come undone.

There is a certain amount to be discussed in the football match: Liverpool working their free man over but it mostly being Moreno, Firmino bright as a button, that magnificent header.

But these occurrences are now in the context of having watched too many of these lads do my head in. Coutinho having that shot. Emre showing his man a space the size of Wales. Lallana over elaborating. Skrtel grabbing.

Are these things happening too often or have I just seen them too much? Them doing my head in makes it difficult to be sure.

They are probably doing each other’s head in. They are probably on their own case.

Until the draws become wins all this will remain the case. That’s football, however much of it you’ve had. That is the key part about football. A win helps. A win always helps. Until then trials and tribulations.

Up the Reds. Soon. Please.

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