WHAT a strange sensation: setting an alarm to watch an interview with a football manager. This is what Jürgen Klopp has done to us. From people on Twitter talking about dreading the match, to everyone on Twitter bouncing out of bed to talk collectively about a man talking about football. 

You’ll have probably seen it by now. Or at least seen the best quotes. So I won’t re-hash the whole thing here. So what was interesting?

I found it fascinating how he bounced from the need to be realistic and the need to be ambitious, sometimes in the very same sentence. He’d try and temper expectations and then he’d inflame them, because he just can’t help himself. He wants you to know that there is lots of work to be done, but then he didn’t rule out having the best season in Liverpool’s history.

He did mention expectation being like a 20kg weight on your back. He talked about the need to communicate what expectations should be with the fans, which was very interesting as Paul Cope and Sean Rogers discussed this very thing on The Tuesday Review this week. Jürgen Klopp understands the difference between believing you can achieve anything but not expecting it all to come in one day. Just because you are cautious about tomorrow, doesn’t mean you don’t dream of next week.

People have questioned whether his methods can translate from the Bundesliga, but he doesn’t think he needs to adapt. He talked about football being the same universally. He more or less rehashed the famous Bill Shankly quote of “football is a simple game, complicated by idiots.”

Many Liverpool fans will enjoy this. Some managers, rightly or wrongly, alienated a section of our support with how they talked about the game.  Jürgen Klopp comes from the Liverpool old-school in this regard. Even if you are doing something complicated, people don’t need to know. Just tell them its simple. Because of the simple way he speaks about the game, he is able to excite everyone. In the studio Mark Lawrenson teased Claire Rourke, who conducted the interview for LFC TV, for beaming throughout the interview, before admitting he was excited too. And if you can get Lawro going…

His determination to make Liverpool “the hardest team to beat in the world” will be music to many ears too. It was notable how he talked about defence though. As a platform for greater things, rather than a goal in itself. He talked about the confidence players can lose from not believing in what was behind them. Knowing that every good move from the opposition would lead to a goal. This has certainly happened at Liverpool. Midfielders unsure whether to stick or twist, aware that any move forward will quickly need a surge back.

Finally, he understands that football is about fans. That 22 lads in a park playing footy is great, but it’s the 45,000 who turn up to watch that make it special. This is what makes him love the game. He laughed more in that interview than I’ve ever seen a manager who is just starting a massive job. Good. Football is meant to be a laugh.

Klopp wants to bring us many laughs. He clearly thinks he can.

“We have to change from doubter, to believer…..now.”

Is right Jurgen, lad.

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