Football - FA Premier League - Everton FC v Liverpool FCA draw was probably a fair result. A draw isn’t actually a bad result. But you are allowed to win when you don’t deserve to. You are allowed to win at tough places.

Liverpool don’t know how to do either. They also don’t know how to hold on to a lead for 15 minutes. Personality. Winning mentality. Nous. Not particularly apparent. Anyway I’ll leave all that to Neil. Some names and numbers before i proceed to drink all the beer.

Simon Mignolet 7

Made some good saves. But when he didn’t come for that ball that looped in the air for half an hour I wanted to bomb Belgium.

Emre Can 5

Ah, the goal. Lads who play growing up at centre half clear them in their sleep. Lads who don’t…

Martin Skrtel 7

Thought he dealt with Lukaku pretty well, all things considered. Looked unlucky with a couple of referee shouts. Seemed to clear most things.

Mamadou Sakho 9

Started on every Everton player. Even the statue of Dixie Dean.

Nathaniel Clyne 4

Keeps looking out of place at right wing back. Then I keep saying he is out of place at wing back. Then we all get bored to death. Over-committing to balls he can’t win is a new one though.

Alberto Moreno 6

Was beaten a few times, but won it well plenty, too. Good moxy.

Lucas Leiva 7

Seemed to be up against a lot and did everything he could. Was pulled at the right time. Celebrated blocking a shot with a fist pump. Only one who shouted at the ref.

James Milner 4

Felt for him as he does loads of intelligent things but was slightly too slow on everything he did. There is a good YouTube video to be made of James Milner stretching for passes and not quite getting them, even though they look in his reach.

Philippe Coutinho 5

Not a great day for him. Don’t think he’s a ten. Actually think he’s better off a flank. Have a chat about that some other time.

Danny Ings 7

Scored a goal. Ran around. Actually holds it up well if you aim the ball at his body, rather than the defender’s head.

Daniel Sturridge 5

Frustrating afternoon for the lad. Would have been nice if we’d have made him a chance.


Joe Allen 6

Battled well and looked lively.

Adam Lallana 6

Battled well and looked lively.


Mick Clarke 10

Went to play five aside on Friday night and got in at 6.30 this morning. Slept for three hours and came the pub for breakfast. Still going strong. Warrior.

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Pic: David Rawcliffe-Propaganda Photo

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