A WONDERFUL result, especially after going 1-0 down. A manager can only change so much in a short time. We’ve all mentioned his tactical changes, his pressing, players he’s brought back, players “playing in their right positions”. Jurgen has talked about belief.

Belief means you can go a goal down and not panic. Belief means you can recognise when a team is on the ropes, no matter what stadium you are at, or the reputation of the opposition, and know when to deliver a knock out blow. Belief is taking a midfielder off for a striker when the opposition are actually having a decent spell. Belief means you go up in a game and recognise you deserve to be there. Belief is a wonderful thing for a football team to have. Belief is this: You can do anything.

Steh auf, wenn du für Liverpool bist.

Simon Mignolet 7

On the replays their goal looks pretty centre of the net, but in reality it’s past him in no time. Does fantastic for the long distance strike that could have caught him out. Needed a good performance after Bogdan impressing in the week.

Nathaniel Clyne 6

Would like to have seen him get forward more, but was solid enough.

Alberto Moreno 6

As Jamie Carragher pointed out, being cocky in the press in the week often comes back to bite you in the bum.

The goal is what happens when full backs aren’t natural defenders. But then I can’t see Jon Flanagan flying 50 yards down the left-hand side to force a great save from Begovic either, and one should be easier to teach.

Football - FA Premier League - Chelsea FC v Liverpool FC

Martin Skrtel 7

Isn’t great for their goal either. But second half especially was exactly what you want from him, blocking shots and looking something close to imperious. Reads it well when Oscar plays through Sakho’s legs.

Mamadou Sakho 7

A bit quieter than you might expect. Maybe they were scared to go anywhere near him. Looked good on the ball though, and did what he needed to when they bothered to attack.

Lucas Leiva 7

Actually started slowly, but increasingly vital as the game went on. Was unfortunate to receive a yellow card.

Emre Can 6

Prefer him away from home, when his physical presence really helps us.

Football - FA Premier League - Chelsea FC v Liverpool FC

James Milner 5

Got to be careful here ’cause the internet has decided they hate him and I’m too busy to reply to you all later. Clear he isn’t quite quick enough to do what he wants. BUT, he does something dangerous with the ball more than he is given credit for.

Adam Lallana 6

Becoming increasingly likely he’s the one to drop out when more are available. Worse options to have though.

Philippe Coutinho 17

Has had to put up with yer da tweeting all week that he should be on the bench. Showed why you keep him on the pitch until his head falls off.

Football - FA Premier League - Chelsea FC v Liverpool FC

Roberto Firmino 6

Wasn’t easy for him in that position. Did his best.


Christian Benteke 7

Brilliant in the air for both goals. Follows up for the second one and is the calmest man in the ground, as he picked his moment to shoot perfectly. Did well to ignore my advice of “PASS IT, SHOOT! LOOK TO YOUR LEFT!! SHOOT!!!!”

Jordon Ibe 6

Lively. Could have scored. Was very open, but running with far more purpose than he was a few weeks ago.

Dejan Lovren n/a

Hilarious that we brought an extra centre half on and then there was a big gap right down the middle for Willian. What happened there?