Football - FA Premier League - Stoke City FC v Liverpool FCTHE first game is all about winning. And we did. Winning. Keep winning. Win forever. When the Reds win….

Simon Mignolet 7

Clean sheet. More of them, mate. Not letting goals in is the mission statement. Could have released it quicker but hard to tell if it was inclination or instruction. Benteke won most of the long stuff to be fair

Nathaniel Clyne 7

As far as debuts go, difficult to fault. Could have done more going forward but I’m sure he will.

Martin Skrtel 7

Quietly assured. Headed the balls away he had to.

Dejan Lovren 8

Come on. All the pressure. All the doubts. He commanded the back line and won his battles. Show him some Lov.

Joe Gomez 7

Had some dodgy moments but come on. He’s about 11. Go ed, lad.

Jordan Henderson 7.5

Possibly the one most traumatised by the last visit. And as captain, with the most to prove. Battled hard and fought us into control. Top man.

James Milner 7

Was a bit disappointed with Jimmy but had high expectations. Will be better on the ball but certainly contributed off it.

Jordon Ibe 6

Was a bit peripheral. Needs to move towards the ball more and demand it. But he’s also 11 and that.

Philippe Coutinho 12

In America they call it most valued player. And when it mattered he turned some yard dog and kicked it right in the goal.

Adam Lallana 5

I’d worry about that Brazilian lad on the bench, mate.

Christian Benteke 7

Held the ball up well and used it great. Not quite on the wavelength of the lads behind him, but it will come.


Emre Can 7

Big factor in turning the game. Commanding and sensible.

Roberto Firmino 5

Looked sharp for 30 seconds then behind it for the rest. Stoke is mad though.