Football - FA Premier League - Liverpool FC v AFC Bournemouth FCTENSE at the end that. Tense at the beginning as well, to be honest. With some tense moments in the middle thrown in. But Liverpool Reds 1 Bournemouth Tories 0. And When The Reds Win We All Win — and all that. Here are some footballers and numbers which you really shouldn’t get as upset about as you did last week. Honestly. Have a word with yourselves.

Simon Mignolet 5

Looked very unsure on crosses. Don’t start that again, mate. Still hasn’t had a proper save to make all season though. Let’s have a think about that.

Nathaniel Clyne 7

Really like him. Solid defending and comfortable on the ball. One great tackle in a dangerous position first half and a terrific ball for Benteke at the end.

Joe Gomez 7

Really like him, too. Had a slight dodgy moment both halves, but it’s a great start to what should be a long Liverpool career on the basis of the evidence so far.

Martin Skrtel 6.5

Extra half a point for getting the ball right in the head and barely flinching. Seemed to cope with everything fairly easily.

Dejan Lovren 6

Gets done on toast early after a lucky ricochet, but there aren’t many centre halves who enjoy being exposed one on one to pace like that. Recovered ok. And another clean sheet. I can feel the Lov, can you feel it, too?

Jordan Henderson 7

His importance shown by what happened after he went off. Helped get us on top, along with Milner, after a good start by Bournemouth.

James Milner 8

Man of the match. Won 17 tackles in a minute at one point. Honest. Check Opta. Rubbish free kick at the end like.

Philippe Coutinho 7

Terrific from 20 to 60. Should score at least one though. Fitness will improve, which will help him influence for longer.

Adam Lallana 6

Ah, I feel like I’m always picking on Adam. Did some really good work, carrying the ball out of danger a few times and will receive the ball anywhere. But while he is starting in a front three he needs to be getting goals and assists. And he never looked like getting either.

Jordon Ibe 5

Had a decent 10 second half but generally on the periphery. Feels like he’s playing on his own a bit at the moment. Couldn’t get in left or right.

Christian Benteke 7.5

Goals pay the rent. Although he maybe should have put a down payment on next week at the end. But was pacey and a pain throughout.


Emre Can 5

Ah, I wrote something before the game about how he should be playing defensive midfield and he made a bit of a tit of me. To be fair it was all the pros and cons in 35 minutes. Some great tackles and some switching off. And plenty of not really knowing where he should be stood. Only way he will learn is on the pitch though.

Roberto Firmino 5

Would like to see him do a bit more off the bench before I join the OH MY GOD, WHY ISN’T HE IN THE TEAM? brigade. But did some good running and obviously enjoys the ball.

Alberto Moreno 7

Best cameo since Charlton Heston in Wayne’s World 2. Got stuck right in and nearly scored the best goal Bournemouth have ever seen. Even won some headers. Is right, lad.

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