Football - FA Premier League - Arsenal FC v Liverpool FCBEEN nervous about this game for about five days. Bloody Monday night fixtures. Dragging out the torment. But this is what happens when football games matter again. Long may it continue. Must warn you though. A pub quiz has come on in the pub I’m in so I might get distracted here…

Football - FA Premier League - Arsenal FC v Liverpool FC


A clean sheet machine. A Belgian Arc de Triomphe (which incidentally is the answer to question 5). Not quite sure what he’s up to for the Ramsey ‘goal’ but anyway. Stood up when it mattered. And kicked one of their lads rarr in the head at the end.

Football - FA Premier League - Arsenal FC v Liverpool FC


Love him you know. Attacked less than Gomez, but probably because they know he’s mustard. A couple of dodgy positioning moments but Skrtel will shout that out of him.

Football - FA Premier League - Arsenal FC v Liverpool FCMARTIN SKRTEL: 7.5

Feel like I start every Skrtel rating with ‘had his moments, but’. Some big buts, and I cannot lie, tonight. Just decided they weren’t going to score at the end. Like Carragher used to. Brilliant interception at the end despite it nearly killing us all.


Frequently accused of trying to do too much, so you can’t complain when you don’t really notice him. Although he is helped by having the best player in the world at left back.


Was targetted early on but came through it brilliantly. Grew more and more confident on the ball. Bit mad how we found the best player in the world knocking about in Charlton.

Football - FA Premier League - Arsenal FC v Liverpool FCJAMES MILNER: 7.5

Again a key part of getting on top when Arsenal’s work-rate was phenomenal. Reds much tougher with him about, and always picks the right option on the ball.

Football - FA Premier League - Arsenal FC v Liverpool FCEMRE CAN: 7

Constantly plays like he’s surprised there is an opposition. Needs to learn that there are 11 other lads on the pitch who want his ball too. But then he does something great. Oh I don’t know. Could have given him anything.


If it is his last game in a red shirt, a fine way to go out. Started a bit shaky but that’s understandable given his lack of games. Or maybe he just couldn’t be arsed being shit in his last appearance. Started winning headers and tackles everywhere. Was goosed by the end like.

Football - FA Premier League - Arsenal FC v Liverpool FCROBERTO FIRMINO: 6.5

Will need time to get used to how bananas the Premier League is. Bet he’s never played in a 0-0 like that. Needs to do a Coutinho and embrace the madness.


Makes you want to have kids and buy them kits with his name on the back. And cut their hair like his. And call them Philippe Coutinho Gibbons. All of them.

Football - FA Premier League - Arsenal FC v Liverpool FC


Held it up great. Good movement too. Will think he should have won the game for the Reds though, regardless of the quality of the save. Was hardly playing against David O’Leary (answer to question 10) mind.

Jordon Ibe 5

Worrying he couldn’t get in the game at all considering he might find himself being used more off the bench moving forward. Really poor at anticipating where the ball will go.

Jordan Rossiter 6

Tough one to get thrown in on but did fine. The ‘New Steven Gerrard’ tag is a tough one, but getting a throw in just by asking for one is a good start.

Alberto Moreno 6

NISSAN! Sorry. Quiz answer. Would have driven the seven hours to Bumper if he’d scored at the end.

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