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THESE things have a habit of happening don’t they? To us at least. Last day of the Kop all over again. Unable to create enough chances or cope with their pace. But anyway. Some numbers with words.

Simon Mignolet 7

Not sure what happens with their first one. Was he not ready or just gets given the eyes? Played well apart from that. Unlucky with the pen

Emre Can 5

Started well but faded. Think he’s had enough of playing at the back but needs to be a bit more mindful of his duties while he’s there.

Martin Skrtel 4

Worst game for ages. Indecisive and sloppy. Change in formation perhaps a factor.

Dejan Lovren 3

Felt for him a bit being so exposed in a position he’s not suited to. He was still last though.

Jordon Ibe 5

Final ball innit. Scares the life out of them though. Sure he’ll get there.

Alberto Moreno 5

Trying to be more combative. Some nice touches but needs to contribute more in the final third.

Steven Gerrard 708

Didn’t get the fairytale ending he deserved. For now anyway. He’s gonna come back on loan next year and score 10 at Goodison.

Jorrdan Henderson 6

Thought he played well enough. At least tried to inject impetus and tempo.

Phil Coutinho 6

Went searching the ball which left us light up top. Still better than everyone else though. Moves like Jagger.

Adam Lallana 7

Was our best player first half and was unfortunate to be taken off, although he faded in the second. I’m generally fine with players playing well and being taken off if it is required and part of a good plan. Just not sure this was.

Raheem Sterling 5

Struggled up front, but then wasn’t much cop elsewhere either. Kept trying to do things even when it was bouncing off his shins. Mad how much the crowd hates him. But then his daughter made everyone laugh so I think we’re all mates again.


Lucas Leiva 4

Mad how he looked shattered after two minutes. Although might have wondered where everyone went.

Rickie Lambert 5

Got it. Gave it. Did some great shouting at the ref for a penalty decision he was 60 yards from.

Jerome Sinclair 5

There was a whip round after the game to buy him a touch of the ball. Maybe at Stoke, lad.