PROMISING enough stuff from the Reds, albeit it in a type of game that is hard to take too much from. Plenty of lads showed they belonged at that level. A few didn’t. But we knew that already. Anyway. Numbers and words.

Football - FA Premier League - Chelsea FC v Liverpool FC

Simon Mignolet 7

Has the mad punch, reminiscent of Westerveld on the same ground. But is generally confident coming for things and effective in doing so. Looks hard to beat.

Emre Can 6

Struggled to cope with the best wide men in the league. But found some great space on the front foot, and pushed Liverpool on with confidence. I’d have him practice crossing for the whole of July. East, sleep, cross, repeat.

Glen Johnson 6

Was so non existent for the move that led to the opening goal that I wondered if he had turned up late like a Sunday League player who’d got lost on the way. Then he skins Ivanovic like he isn’t there. Then he dances round midfielders. Then he passes to them. Whatever number I give Glen it always feels wrong. Glad he’s going for that reason alone.

Martin Skrtel 6

Strangely didn’t come up against much, as threats were mainly wide and from deep. Think he was alright though. Again.

Dejan Lovren 6

A lovely recovery tackle when we looked exposed. Looked a bit more steady on the ball too.

Steven Gerrard 10

Just going to give him 10 from now until the end of the season. Don’t @ me. Scored a goal and then skitted the Chelsea fans. Imagine being him.

Jordan Henderson 7

Always finds a way to get in the game, even if he would probably prefer a different balance in the midfield. Another assist. Some good shouting at the ref.

Philippe Coutinho 7

Lovely use of the ball. Might have shoved him further up as the game wore on so he could have more influence. But that is up to the manager. What do I know?

Raheem Sterling 7

Strong, threatening, brave, confident. I’ve turned into Alan Hansen here. He’s every good word though. End product would be much better with a striker who could move. Promise.

Rickie Lambert 5

Yeah soz, Rickie. Got into it a bit more second half. Loses his man for their goal. In between its all a bit frustrating. Hopefully the last time we turn up for a big away game with him up front.

Adam Lallana 6

Quietly enjoyed him when I noticed he was playing.


Jerome Sinclair 5

Couldn’t get into it at all. But anything less than five feels mean. Won’t play against the biggest team on earth every week. Honestly it feels like you are playing them aliens in Space Jam sometimes.

Jordon Ibe 6

Does that great thing at the end, and then gets John Terry. Life at the top, mate.

Lucas 6

Made us look a bit more solid.


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