RIGHT. Dreadful collectively. A reminder that this is:

a) Subjective. And 5 is alright.
b) Done in the immediate aftermath of the game and all I’ve seen is in the ground.
c) Not a discussion of formation(s) or set up but just the 12 lads who played more than half an hour.

Football - FA Cup - Semi-Final - Aston Villa FC v Liverpool FC

Simon Mignolet 5

Does alright on the whole. Can’t do a load with either goal. Interesting how Villa wanted pull backs over crosses. 4 months ago the opposite.

Emre Can 3

Struggled in all three of his positions. Showed willing. They all showed willing I suppose. Listen what do you want. Just watched The Reds be pisspoor.

Football - FA Cup - Semi-Final - Aston Villa FC v Liverpool FC

Martin Skrtel 4

Should be offering a bit more as the senior lad. Did alright all in, in a sense, but you know. Conceded two and that.

Dejan Lovren 1

Was on for 5 but have subtracted 4 due to his shot with 1 minute to go. I hate a late speculative effort blazed over needlessly when they are penned in.

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.

Was ok bar that though should perhaps get a header on target.

Moreno 3

More Albert than Albie. More Albert than Javi. He was just a lad. On flank. Waiting for a girl to love him. Or something.

I need booze. Consider this a cry for help.

Could be worse. I could be Gibbons doing the match review.

Joe Allen 4

When Liverpool were good he was good. When Liverpool were bad he was horrid.

Football - FA Cup - Semi-Final - Aston Villa FC v Liverpool FC

Jordan Henderson 3

Mostly terrible. Always willing. But terrible. Suffered being on the same pitch as…

Steven Gerrard 3

Three feels generous but I’m fucked if he is getting 2 or less. He’s Steven Gerrard.

That said, just had an unpleasant exchange with Mike Girling over him offering “less than nothing” (in that he was detrimental to others) and being at fault for the second goal. I could be wrong. Often am.

Offered practically no cover in defence and actually no threat in the attack.

Simultaneously one of the best players ever to play for The Reds.

Lazar Markovic 3

Couldn’t get into it but was harshly substituted. Wasn’t the poorest performer. I’d be in the manager’s office tomorrow, but then again I am a nark.


Philippe Coutinho 6

Scored. Showed. Shunted. Can’t carry everyone. Can only do this.

Raheem Sterling 4

Daft shot but fucking hell Liverpool give him something over the top. A threat. Short of quality.

Mario Balotelli 5

Won things. Put himself about. No one backed him. He can’t do much more than that.

That’s your lot.

Football - FA Cup - Semi-Final - Aston Villa FC v Liverpool FC

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