#TAW11 Cover
#TAW11 Cover

NEIL ATKINSON was joined for this week’s City Talk by Jim Boardman, Mike Nevin and Simon Hughes in a week of meaningless international football.

Music this week from Filter Distortion and Circles.

Filter Distortion – Cameras in the Dark (featuring Cheryl Anna)

Filter Distortion release their debut album ‘Transition’ on November 1st
This is the first single from it. Which is available now from Bandcamp
They are dead excited about the album. We’ve heard it and its great
Go to http://www.filterdistortion.co.uk/ if you want to be kept up to date
Circles – Open Road
Circles are a band from Birmingham but they are signed to Merseyside ‘Skeleton Key’ label
Skeleton Key are also starting a club night in Magnet in Liverpool
Circles headline the night on Friday 19th September along with The Levons, She Drew The Gun, Marvin Powell and a special performance from The Viper Kings
There are also DJ sets from James and Ian Skelly from The Coral.
Its free to get in before 10pm and just £3 after
Circles are currently recording their debut album. This is from an EP which came out earlier in the year which you can download from itunes
Twitter: @thecirclesuk

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  1. OLD_SEA_DOG_Gerry

    The music was great.

  2. So we get Hodged again. Hasn’t been our manager for years and he still screws us, keeping the lfc players on for 90mins in a meaningless friendly, after a Sunday game and with the Swiss game coming up on Monday.

    Thanks Woy. Enjoy counting your £3.25m / year you fucking dick. Yes, you were the 2nd highest paid manager at the World cup you useless piece of pigeon feces.

    Clearly he decided the result in this meaningless friendly was far more important than the health of his best players on the night and preparation for the Swiss game, just to keep the press of his back as to why he is incapable of producing results even against the weakest of opposition. Not sure why he bothers given he’ll get the money regardless.

    Now if he struggles against Switzerland – which will be tough, he can claim injuries hampered his plans. Get the excuses in Roy, if you’ve learned nothing else, you know how to do that.

    Just fuck off in every way England and the FA.

  3. I think the press pack are beginning to sharpen their knives somewhat belatedly.

    They had the temerity to suggest England only had 2 shots on goal against mighty Norway?! What a loads of f***ing b******s was Roy’s response, and no one likes a well behaved timid dog that bites unexpectedly. They’ll get plenty of mileage out of that little outburst but I think the fans have seen enough.

    My only concern is the muppet journos are now throwing Brendan’s name into the ring all of a sudden as some sort of savior to the English game?

    Jog on lads, and that’s me being polite about it!!

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