NEIL ATKINSON was joined by Gareth Roberts, Phil Blundell and debutant Ian Salmon in the tower for this weeks podcast.

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One Comment

  1. Neil, I think you have season ticketitus.

    To not accept 84 pts next season is just madness. CL qualification is even more important next season than it was this with the CL money set to double. It will create a gulf that could be impossible to bridge, especially if it went to say Utd who don’t even need it and an Arsenal side that appears to buy at least one mega signing each season now the stadium has been paid down and Wenge basically guarantees 4th place while we have weakened our 1st team.

    Luis didn’t just score 31 goals and be a leading assist player in the league, he was such a massive presence in our team with absurd levels of movement that others could benefit from. Basically the midfield could be really quite blunt outside Sterling and his movement and effect on the team was simply incredible. Allen and Hendo weren’t contributing to the final 3rd.
    Coutinho did off and on but struggled away from home and struggled to complete a 90 minute performance.

    For anyone to think we’re going to be stronger this season is pure madness. We’re weaker. A lot weaker. Lallana whatever he will bring,, won’t do. Remy is laughable and an attitude and dressing room problem waiting to happen. Markovic is only 20 and is likely to be up and down a bit. We have rotation options but a weaker team.

    Further, Lallana looks like a Rodgers signing, Lovren also, is clearly not a txfer committee pick. He’s just another Ashley Williams who was wanted, where Rodgers sees something he likes and makes him his first pick. Just like Allen and Borini.

    The odds out there are putting us 5th and with good reason too. Sturridge is likely to try too much on his own now and take low probability shots from 25 yards, rather than play others in – and frustrate us all.

    The idea that we’re going to progress from 84 pts without Suarez is just fantasy. There’s noone being recruited that justifies that thinking and worse, we’re looking at a mediocre Remy, Lovren and Allen, and a pretty ordinary Lallana who couldn’t make the England starting team over Welbeck to make the difference. Not going to happen.

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