NEIL ATKINSON was joined in the studio by John Gibbons, Steve Graves and Si Steers as they reflected on Liverpool’s heart-stopping 3-2 win at Norwich, the 11 victories in a row, the current league situation and the Grim Reaper at Everton.

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  1. Mingolet will come good with the balls into the box. He is already showing a lot of improvement and with experience he will become the commanding keeper we need to see off the bottom table teams minus the heart attack inducing moments. What’s more almost inevitable every time he has made a clanger he makes a stop sometime later in the game that cancels it out.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxOFzzGz9Tw

    Sally Gleeson… I was just a kid at the time… sigh

  3. Is Bobby still sleeping in his Jag?

  4. Disagree slightly with the assessment of Flanagan on Cheese&Onion’s second goal. Looking at it several times it appears to me that he makes a conscious decision not to contest the ball as he’s (incorrectly) judged that the cross is flying long. He makes a slight movement into Snodgrass to block any attempt by him to get on the end of the cross. It’s a bloody good header, but a definite error from Flanagan for my money, just as the first goal was a definite error from Mignolet. He had a pretty clear run at that ball and in the future he’ll have bigger forwards jumping against him than the fella on Sunday. I agree Mignolet is improving when coming off his line, but it is something he needs to keep working at as Sunday showed. He’s worth persevering with, but I don’t buy that he’s an improvement on Reina. I’d be looking to spend some of our close season cash on another keeper who at a minimum could challenge Mignolet for the no.1 spot, if not displace him altogether.

  5. robin crimes

    Taking nothing away from the others but I found this the best podcast for a long time. Excellent analysis.

    Always a barrel of laughs but i’ll be glad when this season is over. It’s definitely been the most exciting time as a Liverpool fan but I need my life back a bit. I need to sleep at night. I need to do some work at work. I need to talk to my children and partner about normal things unrelated to our title challenge. It’s too ‘all consuming’. This month about 5 people have met me and said ‘you’ve gone very grey’. How the fuck do you answer that? What do they want you to say? Anyway, back on topic, I put it down to this month. It’s been stressful but then conversely, I feel more alive than I have for years. It’s reignited something in me I’ve not felt for years. It’s intense though. Give me Roy Hodgson back in charge and a bottle of Grecian 2000 and I’ll be happy.

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