TAW Awards poster med


Oh we are.

What a season it has been. What a season. Heads have gone, shirts have come off, your heart won’t stop pounding. You can’t think of anything else.

From now until May 11th you will be able to think of nothing else. Your life has ground to a standstill. What else is there, than Brendan Rodgers’s Tricky Reds amazing you on a weekly basis. These Reds are everything. There is nothing else in your consciousness than this.

May 11th comes. And then what?

I’ll tell you what.

We have a massive party, give some awards out and work out what the hell we are going to do with the rest of our lives.

In short, this season has been absolutely magic, a joy to behold.

We want to cheer it to the skies straight after the last game. We want to go bananas, give out bouquets and play bangers.


The Inaugural Anfield Wrap End Of Season Awards – May 11th – Camp And Furnace.

Doors 7:30pm

First Award 8:00pm (I want to get through them ASAP so I can get right on the ale)

Price – £10

Entertainment after? Oh yes. Ian Prowse and John Power. And then a DJ.

What time do we finish? No idea yet.

Categories for the awards? The following will be voted by the public:

– Player of the Season

– CALM Man Of The Season

– Breakthrough Of The Season

– Young Player Of The Season (U-21)

– Goal Of The Season

– Game Of The Season

– Liverpool Album Of The Year

– Liverpool Book Of The Year

– Liverpool Article Of The Year

And there will be an award voted for by TAW contributors – The Anfield Wrap Player Of The Year. Make your Jordan Henderson jokes now…

It’s The Anfield Wrap, getting drunk, putting its arm around you and telling you how much it loves you, loves them, loves him.

You know where you need to be.