Liverpool 0 (NIL) Chelsea 2 (TWO)

IT’S HEARTBREAKING, IT REALLY IS. Liverpool pushed all they had but sometimes you can be shut down and stopped. Football is about choices, a series of choices, made by footballers and by football managers. Football isn’t moral. We get far too hung up on that. Liverpool have far more often than not made the right choice this campaign. They’ve made the right overarching choice. To score goals. Today they were shut down by an outfit that has made the choice that that is their thing. It worked today, it could elicit a European Cup but they are still most likely to finish third.

Football - FA Premier League - Liverpool FC v Chelsea FCThis game should have been moved to Saturday. Jose Mourinho was right about that. It should have been moved to give Chelsea the best possible chance across these three games. Next season, when we are in the European Cup semi final, we’re all going to be furious when the Premier League don’t move one of our games in order to give us the best possible chance to progress.

He’s also right about the fact that Chelsea haven’t been given enough credit for their performances in European competition over the last ten years. Forgetting co-efficients (only because they are dull, not because they aren’t important) Chelsea have been brilliant in Europe at a time when we are saturated with Europe. When Celtic win Britain’s first European Cup, United win England’s and when Liverpool dominate Europe, Europe had mystique. You couldn’t watch everything, you couldn’t see everyone. Chelsea haven’t dominated but have a terrific record over the last ten years when Britain and England have a smorgasbord of Europe proffered them and often turn their noses up. (The same thing happens with the commentators by the way. You are sick of Tyldesley not because he isn’t a good commentator; he is. It’s because he’s rammed down your throat weekly, locked in a past where everyone wants the English team to do well, there is no other way to commentate on those games). There’s less mystique, less romance, just tons and tons of Gazprom for you to share with your mates. Rub Gazprom on your chest. It’ll get you through the winter. Who gives a shit about Chelsea?

Yet Chelsea, specifically under Mourinho, appear to have managed to do what Arsenal, City, Everton and Spurs haven’t over the last fifteen, twenty years – create a winning mentality around a football club that sustains – see DiMatteo’s European Cup win. All the above bottle that somewhere along the way. Arguably only Liverpool and Manchester United have managed that in the modern (post Shankly/Busby) era, which is why we’ve actually handled this whole “winning the league thing” pretty well even though we feel like our hearts are about to burst. It’s why United will come again, why the last twenty four years for us haven’t been lean compared to almost everyone else, despite the lack of the title.

The problem Mourinho has is that if you complain about everything then people stop listening. Him again, with the face on. Take Garcia’s goal (not a ghost goal, a goal, it says so in the record books) against them in that semi. No, the European Cup semi, not the FA Cup semi. Take that goal. Would have been a penalty and sending off, instead his side which finished more than thirty points ahead of Liverpool failed to equalise. Not win. Equalise.

Complaining about not having good enough centre forwards, about refereeing conspiracies and so on and so forth. Adopting a “no one likes us/me and we/I don’t care” mentality has its plusses. But what about when you need/want people to care?

Jose Mourinho. The Whopper Who Cried Wolf. The massive, massive whopper who cried “wolves, shitloads of wolves. Alien wolves. Wolves with antlers and glowing in the dark and nuclear teeth and three dicks and a comprehensive knowledge of Bertrand Russell’s work and claws the size of radiators.” No, Jose. It’s one wolf. And you are a really good football manager so do us a favour and put a sock in it and get on with that, will you.

All in, some things have fallen Liverpool’s way this campaign. We got, with the exception of that horror show around Christmas, the fixtures we needed. Straight forward homes in the first half of the season – Norwich City, West Ham United, Manchester United – and tougher home fixtures in the run in. But things falling your way still need to be taken advantage of. Here is a list of taking advantage of things:

Everton 4-0
Arsenal 5-1
Tottenham Hotspur 4-0
Manchester City 3-2

That’s taking advantage of things with aplomb. Next season, we could probably do with those fixtures the other way round. But you get what you are given and you make the best of it. So we’ve had injuries, suspensions and so on and so forth like everyone. We were top before we played City and Chelsea away, we’re the best side since playing City and Chelsea away. That’s what we’ve done. We’ve addressed thirty six hurdles and nothing has hurt that this. Nothing has been more heartbreaking than this result.

Football - FA Premier League - Liverpool FC v Chelsea FC

This football manager of ours wanted to add twenty goals this season. He didn’t get a player to help with that. He got what he was given. And he made the best of it. He’s worked with what he had – no public tantrums, wolfwhopper – and added more than twenty goals. He’s accelerated past his own KPI – get on me, I’ll be getting invited round the stats lads’s houses for dinner – and Liverpool have accelerated up the table. What I believe he noticed is that the side that scores the most goals has finished first or second in every season since Arsenal won the league and the Houllier/Thompson side finished second. Manchester United outscored both and came third.

This team now finishes first or second. This team still finishes first.

Brendan Rodgers got his side playing the fearless football that sees the ball go into the back of the net with astounding regularity. When we were fretting in the summer about becoming more solid, he looked at what he had and he made a choice. He made a pragmatic choice. Pragmatism isn’t defensive football, too often it is used as a synonym of that. You will hear loads about pragmatism in the light of this Chelsea win. Pragmatism is deciding what is most likely to get your success. Arguably Mourinho, locked in a mire about centre forward options has been the more idealistic, the more dogmatic manager this campaign. Today that dogma paid off in spades. It isn’t that they aren’t good at this. They are the best. It is, though, the value of what they are the best of. Chelsea in Mourinho’s first spell were solid but they had goals in spades. They were top scorers. They finished first or second.

Chelsea were excellent today at stopping The Reds. Liverpool got anxious, fell behind. I’m heartbroken for the captain but the response of the ground was sublime.

Too many were looking to force the issue, second half. Too many looking to go alone. In a curate’s egg of a cameo Aspas showed the value of collective guile. He also showed why he doesn’t get on.

The most interesting chant was the one that closed the game from the Chelsea contingent. They belted it out. Now you are going to believe us. We’re going to win the league. They have two points fewer than Liverpool. They are reliant on Manchester City and Liverpool dropping more points. They belted it out. They are still most likely to finish third.

That’s football. That’s belief. Reality is that they are most likely to finish third.

It’s heartbreaking. The opening goal especially. But it isn’t belief breaking. Not from where I sit.

It is easy to sing that we are going to win the league when you win eleven consecutive games. I’ll belt it out tonight. I believe it. Let me ask you a question – now are YOU, YOU going to believe us?


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  1. Scottscruff

    Absolutely belting piece, nail on head. We are still top, we hit our top objective of European qualification last week and we are still very much chasing this title. We go again

  2. I feel like I’ve been walked into a dark room by a beautiful woman then punched in stomach and left on the floor.

  3. I still do!!!

    Next Mon Crystal Palace!!!

    We Go Again!!!

  4. Yep I am joining in with you – sing it loud and proud.

  5. I agree with every word, and I still believe. Today, Rodgers was outwitted. Mourinho’s plan was to kill our spirit – which happened within 15 minutes, with our belief replaced by our complaining about their negative antics. And I cannot see how they would have scored today in any other way than the way they did.
    I also believe that I’ve never seen such negative antics in a game before – and a referee so weak that he allowed them all to go unchecked.
    However I am most unhappy about the sections of Chelsea scum who sang “murderers”. I stopped going to Old Trafford because I couldn’t bear them singing that. Given the recent events regarding Hillsborough I cannot believe anyone would sink so low as to chant that today. Absolutely no respect or empathy shown from them today at all.

  6. Long throws, long ball. a billion pounds of talent and 10 years of progression to be a very good Bolton under Big Sam, purchased by Ron Atkinson. Yeah he’s special alright, now watch him kill football a bit more against Atletico on Wednesday night, then spend another 150m this summer. You get the manager you deserve. Hope you enjoy the show Roman, that’s your cash he’s turning into mediocrity.

  7. I still believed until 4 minutes into the City game. Now looking to the blue shite to do us a favour.

  8. Lee Stafford

    Fair play to José, he did his job REALLY well…the trouble is, no one likes or cares for how he goes about it.

    He’s the equivalent of an over excited traffic warden who dances as slaps a ticket on your windscreen and pumps his fists at passersby for tutting their disapproval.

    I didn’t bother to watch the smug twat’s post match interview because no one ever bothers to call him out on his bullshit. Was he asked about his 19th century tactics or if he took advice on how to park the bus from Fat Sam?

    As for the time wasting, the ref constantly pointing at his watch to indicate he was adding time on was pointless and equally hilarious. That to me was a cowards way of saying I can see you are deliberately trying to waste time and slow the game to a snails pace but can’t be arsed with the aggro of booking someone and getting surrounded…I’ll wait until 90 minutes is almost up and then book Ashley Cole. What was the fucking point??!!!

    We struggled with their bellend tactics and got dicked with 2 silly mistakes. I hope this is a harsh lesson we can learn from.

    If there’s any justice in the world then I hope it’s wearing Athetico’s colours at Stamford Bridge this coming week…

    Gutted but I still believe!!!!!!!

  9. We’re still going to win it, we’re going to win the league.

    Every road has bumps, but this was the last one. The council decided to to some emergency road works. Chelsea were just a nucience pot hole. We’re now out of the 30mph zone and onto the motorway. The one which leads to the title.

    Brendan’s Tricky Reds are coming up the hill.

  10. City will have to play well to beat Everton. I see a draw there if Jagielka and Distin are fit, I honestly do.

    No reason we can’t be challenging for the title again next season, anyway. We have a manager and young players who will only improve with experience.

  11. Neil.

    I believe, the blues will do us a massive favour and get a point

    We will win our last two games and the fated result will be restored.

    If today told us anything is that we need Henderson more than we ever thought , no legs in midfield

    CL is guaranteed we need three first team players not squad guys , we have them in ambundance but we dont trust them !

    Believe , Believe , remember Istanbul !

  12. Still top of the league aren’t we

  13. Donny Oddlegs F365

    It comes down to whether Gerrard’s error is the last scene in the season highlight DVD before it fades to black and everyone puts down their remote and goes to get a drink or… the down point that the editor will use to play in the West Wing-esque stirringly inspirational music signifying the impending crescendo.

    I want the crescendo. I REALLY want it.

  14. So frustrating as we simply did not possess the ingenuity to beat them today. A more experienced team might have been able to draw them out and get behind them, however we have had a fantastic season and we are in with a shout of the title with two games to go. Not bad! Massive summer for Brendan and FSG, a few top drawer signings and hold on to your hats – we go again!!

  15. Thank you. I needed that.

    I’ve been devastated since the final whistle. Gutted, winded, barely able to speak, didn’t want to go home to a wife who doesn’t really “get” it and work tomorrow feels like a wall I won’t be able to get through.

    But then I played with my infant son, had a beer and came on here, hoping more than anything, for some crumbs of solace. You haven’t let me down. They’re boss, you’re boss, we’re boss, we go again.

    Fucking come on Everton!

  16. Neil, a really excellent piece and some valid points added below but let’s not suggest that ‘BR was outwitted, by the master tactician’… I genuinely do not believe that to be the case… There was no ‘outwitting or psychological bollox’.. He simply set out on a mass defensive strategy that we couldn’t break down… It happens.. It happened…
    Their squad is worth an absolute fortune…Experienced, unpleasant old twats like Cole and Lampard pulled every trick in the book… ivanovic was fantastic… Mikel was as repulsive as ever.. Schwarzer used 40 years of experience to kill the game…
    They wasted every second inaginable from the first whistle… The most expensively assembled group of spoilers in Premiership history…. That will more than likely finish 3rd!!
    Fuck em… I would rather never watch football again than follow that mob, managed by that obnoxious little oik….
    We may have been guilty of one thing today… A little naivity.. And that’s ok, because we wanted a game of football and we may have been naive enough to think our opponents did too.. I do not subscribe to the ‘ it doesn’t matter how you get the results’ school of thinking… I like to enjoy watching my team… And I do…
    I genuinely hope that Chelsea get to the Champions League final and are then humiliated in Lisbon by Madrid or Munich…. It would be fitting to see him embarrassed in front of his own people….
    Let’s now focus on getting 6 points , see what happens and, above all, hold our heads up high, playing the game the right way on every level…. Not something our opponents today know too much about.

  17. Neil, Like the Mighty Reds you are boss.

    Like anything was going to be straightforward in this bananas season!

    We’re still gonna win the league, we’ll just have to wait till the last day to do it. :)

    Come on you Reds!

  18. Firstly, football IS about defending as much as it is about attacking…well, not *as* much, but it is important. I have no issues with Mourinho sending out his side to play the way they did today. It’s his team and his prerogative. What I *do* take issue with is the suggestion this represented some sort of tactical masterclass. It’s difficult to think of a game where fewer tactics have ever been employed by an away team: full-backs tuck in, wide men in the ‘front’ three cover the width in front of the fullbacks leaving your big man to plough a lone furrow up front, and the midfield three sit in front of your centre-halves. Begin the game like that, and then play the middle part of the game and the end of the game exactly the same way – genius (apparently). In other words, do what every bottom-half team does every time they play away at one of the top 4, except do it with a team worth £100m+ that includes some of the top internationals playing in Europe today. Now, Chelsea’s players executed the game-plan perfectly – credit where it’s due – but a tactical masterclass that is not.

    Secondly, let’s look again at the context for this game. This was first against second in a title shootout. Chelsea’s only realistic route to the title was to win today’s game, but Mourinho sent them out to get a point…or at least that’s they way they played for the first half. There are million reasons why I’m pissed off about Gerrard’s slip, but one of the most irritating aspects is that it robbed us of discovering whether Chelsea would have played the same way in the second half. Assuming Chelsea weren’t happy to leave Anfield today with their title aspirations dead in the water, getting a single point makes no sense whatsoever. Of course Gerrard does slip, but that is not a vindication of Mourinho’s tactics; it’s a freak, an outlier and the same game played the same way another 100 times has both teams going in 0-0 and Chelsea’s boss with a dilemma: continue to play to his team’s strength and frustrate Liverpool but in doing so effectively give up on the league, or go for it and risk Liverpool taking advantage of the greater space that switch would afford. As I say, we’ll never know which way Mourinho would have leaned, but I think I can guess.

    So we take it on the chin, but I’m buggered if I’m get going to let this ‘masterclass’ horseshit pass without comment. Mourinho is a good manager but his greatest skill is getting his players to buy in to whatever plan he puts in front of them. Chelsea teams have indomitable spirit and clearly would run through bricks walls for their manager and they are useful assets to have when they’re backed up by infinite supplies of filthy lucre but as I look at the table today, the master tactician with money to burn sits 2pts behind the ‘outwitted apprentice’ who has taken his team of relative paupers from 7th to the cusp of league glory in 12 short months, and done it using a brand of football that doesn’t have the watcher reaching for pins to stick in his eyes.

    In other words: fuck Chelsea.

    • Couldn’t have put it better myself!

    • Biggestfandownunder

      Spot on, Brownie! Even a manager like Pullis could do what Mourhino did today if he had the same top-class players at his disposal. Chelsea are Stoke in Armani.

      Can you imagine the attractive football Chelsea could play if Mourhino had the balls?

    • HarryKewellSuperfan

      My issue with the tactic being praised is that it seemed really ridiculous from the start. Chels needed points from the game to be in the hunt, but they weren’t even playing Counter-Attracking football. They were RUNNING THE BALL TO THE FLAGPOSTS IN THE FIRST HALF.

      Their gameplan would’ve made sense once they went up 1, but they didn’t even force action until they got the goal.

      So fair play to parking busses after getting the goal, they’re VERY good at it. Didn’t make sense before, though

  19. swinefever

    Yes Maureen’s got his tactics spot on, but we should have played to match them. A draw would have been way, way better than losing. We could have had a kick about in our own half, a bit of 5-a-side and coasted to a nil-nil, a point apiece, all square, and been just as well off as we were before the game started.

    Attack, attack, attack is all well and good, but against a team that has only conceded 17 goals all season, a team of that calibre (even if it was the B team, ha!) a team that parks two buses and isn’t interested, it’s just naive. Yes, we were naive. We should have recognised what was going on, let them get on with it, played for the draw and still been 5 points ahead at the end of the day.

    I don’t like it, I don’t condone it, but if it’s the difference between No.19 and 2nd place, I’ll live with it.

    • What was naive about that performance? We didn’t lose because we through caution to the wind against a defensive wall and left ourselves exposed to a swift counter-attack. Our captain slipped on his arse and they were gifted a goal. That could have happened in any game with any set of tactics employed by either side. One of those things. It could have happened in the hypothetical game where we played for a draw. What would we have said about a game where we altered our style to play a game alien to our players’ instincts, abandoning an approach that has got to us to top of the league, only to see an outrageous piece of misfortune win the game for the ultra-negative opposition?

      Without Gerrard’s slip or something similar there are really only two results possible: we eventually break them down and score and win, or the turgid draw is played out. In other words, the tactics of both managers today were relegated to a sub-plot but by a complete freak of a goal on half-time. I don’t see where “naivety” comes into it at all.

    • Except for the fact that the negative, defensive “tactics” that you think we should have played down to is not how Rodgers, or this team, wants to play. We actually want to play a game of football. Unlike Mourinho. He would much rather play the most suicide-inducingly boring match in Champions League history than play to win.

  20. well, square passes create these problems. If gerrard didn’t sit in an exact line with the CBs but was a bit deeper, even a couple of yards, this doesn’t happen, the goal is avoided and probably the WBA goal too.

    Never make a square pass (well, almost).

  21. melbourne

    Chelsea, a blue bump in a long road. Let’s raise our belief even higher, even if “our hearts burst”. Cheers.

  22. Kudos for writing at length. It didn’t happen for the the Redmen today but it still could. 33 points from 36, our team deserve a standing ovation. Champions elect had a ring to it two months ago and still does. Tricky reds, tricky next two games, tricky but possible.

  23. Some good points raised Neil – balls-out honesty as always.

    I found the end of the game gut-wrenchingly difficult today – trying to lift my 12 year old son who was in tears on the drive home. It means THAT much to him. Not because of how we played but because of the possible repercussions of dropping points, especially to a team that played anti-football.

    I put it to him that it was better to lose like that than to get absolutely played off the park – then we would have something to worry about.

    On another day, the captain doesn’t slip.
    On another day one of the 26 shots gets a deflection that lands to a player in red in a good position.
    On another day, we get a result from that game.
    Most other days we get a result from that game.

    Don’t stop believin’ gang!

  24. robin crimes

    I got in tonight and came straight onto my laptop as usual to get the post match reaction as it were. I only read half of this article then fell asleep for 2 hours. This isn’t a Crazy Bob style comment and bears no reflection on the article. It felt like the wave of adrenaline, the lack of sleep through nervous energy and the pressure of the last month finally caught up with me and I crashed. Like so many tonight I feel completed deflated.

    Yes, Mourinho parked the bus but I think we’ve all become football snobs. I love the football we play and I feel proud we play like that but a results a result. Sometimes you need to do what you need to do get the points and credit to Chelsea. I remember Rafa doing the same thing and I didn’t complain then (for the record, I’ve no recollection of us wasting time from the first 40 seconds onwards).

    I do have some frustrations in me from our performance but I don’t want to go into them as the team and manager have given us so much but briefly, I felt we panicked too early. Needed to get it wide but it appeared to me they almost didn’t want to give it to Allen out there. It was quite odd. After the City game I made the point that I didn’t feel the same delirium as everyone else due to Henderson’s red card. I think it came back to haunt us today.

    There is one aspect of 80’s football I really miss. Back then we’d have kicked fuck out the Chelsea fans on the way back to the station. I think I’d feel less agitated tonight if we could have done that.

  25. got to say I feel numbed by that, feel worse than I did after Macheda, worse than Athens, approaching Michael Thomas 1989. But this made me put things in perspective. We go again. We’re Brendan’s men. We’ve no right to feel down having secured Champions League at last. All the bright tomorrows belong to us.

  26. Ben Howard

    Today elicited emotions that I’ve not experienced for years as a Liverpool fan; utter, desperate anguish. Mostly, when we lose, it’s anger, frustration and bitter acceptance. Today it’s just sadness. To lose is one thing, the manner of the defeat another. Our poor, dear captain slipping like that, at the worst possible time. It’s a cruel, heart-breaking way to lose.

    And then there is pride. We’ve just had Chelsea bookend a run of 14 wins and 2 draws. 44 points from 48, god knows how many goals scored. That’s not title winning form, that’s something ungodly. And if it were to slip away because of one game, would be so harsh on the lads, on the manager who’ve entertained us so thrillingly.

    In a freak set of circumstances, where the tactical analysis stops at ‘they defended, and got one hell of a break’, I cannot question our tactics, or our players. It was a poor performance, but a performance against a brick wall of expensively assembled footballers all doing a graveyard shift. I’ll stop short of saying it’s a pyrrhic victory for Mourinho, because while his reputation erodes as his behaviour and footballing style shift down gears to seemingly new depths, he got what he wanted. He wanted to punch us in the guts, have us writhing around on the floor in pain while he stands above us, laughing. He can take the small victory, I’m sure they won’t finish above us.

    We may or may not have blown it today. Whatever happens, we’ve got a bright future, I’m sure of it. I’m proud of this team, this manager and this set of supporters. They’ve not let us down, and if we keep doing the same things right, then we will have success.

    Come on Everton!

  27. So I reckon we might have won or got a point if Benitez was Manager.But I don’t really think that over all we would have had half as many points or half as much exhilaration as we have had this season and I’m still a big fan of Benitez.
    Mourinho might have been dancing up and down the touchline today.But what a sad caricature of a Football Manager he cut.They might have won the game.But what pathetic tactics to get a “result”.
    The gamesmanship is one thing from his team but the man has absolutely no class whatsoever.
    And his team?Those players?I’m sure they’ll be travelling home tonight singing and dancing about what a great result it was for Mourinho.
    And as their heads hit the pillow they might just be thinking “It was a bit embarrassing that wasn’t’ it.To make it obvious to everybody that they are a much better team than us.But we’ve prostituted ourselves in the name Jose’s ego.So we’ll sleep well tonight.Won’t we?”

  28. Alan Shearer on MOTD – “tactical masterclass” – what an utter twunt.

    • Well, he frustrated us and got a mistake out of it. A very poor mistake too. Almost predictable from Gerrard.
      Truth is JM was the stage manager and we did the job for him.
      It’s why their players believe in him.

  29. I can’t believe people are surprised at Mourinho & how they set up, they did the same in Madrid in the week. He broke up the play & defended the width of the box. Our problem was everyone played down the congested middle & were trying to thread passes through tiny gaps. The one time Sterling got wide he got to the byline & created a chance & Chelsea panic.

  30. – Bit of distasteful nonsense on Annie road post-match. Nothing too mad from what I glimpsed.

    – Nevermind him being tongue-in-cheek ‘fat’. Frank Lampard is David Cameron in a footy kit. The worst of it being is that he’d probably take that as a compliment, and never forget that.

    – Mourinho looked an absolute show as well, by the way. Hasn’t even been remotely funny this season either. Bores me to tears; he should have stayed away the let-down.

    – Felt like pitch invading after their second to bear hug Ste Gerrard. The first was a slip which is whatever. The second from my point of view, though. Christ, the second felt like an all time colossal career looking at a ball knowing he’s got to get there, all his un-Gerrard like shots in that second half flashing before his eyes and his legs going ‘today just isn’t your day, kid’. Could have cried at YNWA when they were about to kick off at 0-2.

    Now that that’s out the way, that is how you do a number on us. None of your Allardyce-level anti-football. ‘£30m player off the bench-CL semi finalists’ anti-football in all its cynical glory. The keeper stalling for time kicking it a few minutes in and of course never getting booked. If you’re in the business of 3 points at all cost in the way Mourinho has spent the last decade being you don’t come to Anfield against this Liverpool side looking to have a game of good, honest togger. You just don’t.

    It was like that abomination of a supposed elite football match against Atletico midweek. But Chelsea actually getting the dropped bollocks they were waiting for to pounce on. Against us. Truly horrifying stuff at the time of course but I’ve had a good night since and I’m with Neil. You thought Liverpool winning the league would be some achievement before kick off today. What would it be to clinch it now? Imagine a fortnight’s time.

  31. You are the best.

  32. crazy bob

    ..Oh fuck…..

    Glasses, stop writing bollox…

    And sort your hair out!

  33. The press, and their ‘tactical masterclass’ bullshit. Since SAF’s retirement, they’re looking for a replacement deity.

  34. Thanks Neil, good to read that the morning after with a calmer head.

  35. Elicited plenty of scornful glances on the train this morning as each newspaper paragraph of (mis-)analysis of the game by piss-poor hacks prompted several, audible “fuck off”s from me.

  36. Relax – script already written. Gerrard from 25 yards in the 93rd min in off the bar as we beat Newcastle 8-0 to win the league on goals scored after that ties it on goal difference. This season has been that mad that would it really surprise you *that* much if that happened..?

  37. Matthew Cox

    Everything worth having is worth fighting for. We aren’t done fighting. Failure is not falling down, but refusing to get up. We’ll get up.

  38. Cannot remember a season that brought me more unadulterated pleasure than the one that is about to end. As an aging fart whose first visit to Anfield was in 1968, but who made the ridiculous decision to leave his home town in search of who knows what, I can honestly say that Brendan’s tricky reds have restored my faith in humanity. This has been a year of memories good and bad for us all, no matter how it ends it has been a blast. Truly would not be suprised if the toffees spanked citeh, just so they can say you could not have done it without us. And, if not, what a season we have to look forward to. Maybe next year the FA will add an incentive, an extra point if you win by two or more, imagine that one.

  39. Southern Cross Simon

    What a crazy season Neil and we are still on the road…
    “The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn,burn”

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