1. robin crimes

    When I became manager of a kids team a few years ago I realised I don’t actually know that much about football. I think I was always drawn to the tribal aspect rather than the beautiful game and tactics side of it. So, I was wondering this week – is Brendan Rodgers a good manager because the truth is I wouldn’t really know. I mean what makes a good manager? That’s a rhetorical question because you all probably know. I thought being from Glasgow and being tough was all you needed. Then I looked again and thought maybe you just had to be sound with the players or maybe just know loads about food and what’s good for your diet. I thought the most likely explanation for our success this season was having 2 world class strikers, end of. So, I don’t know where I’ve been for the past 18 months but I had a Eureka moment on Sunday. I thought ‘Jesus! We’re really good at football.

    It was the confidence on the ball. Every one of them looked relaxed. The ball would come to them, 3 men bearing down on them (in fact, that’s an exaggeration of that Spurs team) and they just calmly controlled it, had a look and played it simple to the next man and he did the same. It didn’t matter what the scenario though, that’s what they do – it turns out. Obviously, I’m aware everyone has been saying that for time but it kind of hit me like a sledgehammer. I think, despite being a strong advocate for the refreshing change I thought Rodgers would bring (thought I’d get that one in early as I’ve had a bit of bad look in my convictions about players this season, haha) it took until Sunday to realise he’s the real deal. I can’t wait till training on Thursday to tell the lads about this tactic of passing the ball and keeping it simple.

    I think it was Karl who made the point but either way it was noticeable on Sunday that Rodgers finally became accepted. I want a manager to have to earn our respect rather than it coming with the job (in saying that, I cringed regularly in the first half of the season when I heard Dalglish chants and Rafa songs without a word for Rodgers) but I think Rodgers earned it yesterday. How many times have we had weekends go for us in one way or the other and we’ve been last on and fucked it up? Have we ever won a Monday night game? Them losing and drawing made me 100 times more nervous on Sunday morning. To do that and go top was the deal breaker. How can it be that I couldn’t get out of bed Sunday morning, lying there wallowing in self pity and negativity and the players (who are actually involved in this title race) turn up with that attitude? If Sturridge had had my eyes that Austrian bloke would have probably got a taxi to John Lennon rather than the ground thinking, fuck it! here we go again. Rodgers is doing all the right things and I’m absolutely made up for him. I’ve seen the video when he walked off at the end. The crowd applauding. He was bursting with pride. He knew and the crowd knew.

    Sick of this bullshit I’ve seen all day on Fb. Spurs defense is appalling! Spurs are shit! It’s been clear for a long time now that we’re making them poor. Look how many teams have capitulated at Anfield this season. It’s not the Bermuda fucking triangle. We’re clearly excellent. I’ve played in matches where after 3 minutes you think ‘we’re gonna get battered here, especially with that knob we’ve got up front’. It’s demoralising. Your head can go down. You don’t know whether you’re coming or going and end up just chasing the ball.

    Just briefly, I’m genuinely not sure I can remember a league match with that atmosphere. It felt different. Earlier in the season we had some draws you need to win if you wanna be serious. We got humiliated at Arsenal. Then around Christmas we lost those 2 and although there were some positives in the City game it felt as if we were definitely improving but not at their level. Yesterday it felt like we’re probably the best team in the world right now. I didn’t feel like that in any of those seasons we got 2nd. No way. It’s a fantastic time to be a Liverpool fan. Being tribal, I love all the compliments we’re getting off everyone nationally. As a fan, I’m walking like a king at the minute. My life has been noticeably better the last 7 weeks, haha. Found myself at the theatre on Friday watching the history of LFC. Brilliant night and a direct result of the momentum Brendan Rodgers has built, oh and Luis Suarez.

    • shame I did not read this earlier Robin. You could have driven me to the airport this morning at 4:30 am mate ;-)

  2. I’m through the looking glass now, done enjoying it while it lasts, done we’ve not played city or Chelsea yet, done ok we’re good but maybe not that good, done how funny would it be if we did this, done Christ we could do this, every game is going to be. nerve shredding nightmare and now squarely at enjoy the adventure, however it ends!

  3. James Dean

    Glen Johnston had a proper game, not one of his on the ale games…love it. Good show, but could have been a great show. Andy Heaton is woeful hes like an excited twelve year old fan. Interrupting, loud and not even making a lot of sense. If hes good in the background keep him there. Sorry Andy…

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