ON THE transfer deadline day we decided to do four hours of live radio. We talked to notable fans and journalists up and down the country asking what their clubs should be doing, and what they were actually doing.

We talked about what it all meant in relation to the actual football that happens on the pitch. We listened to Evertonian Dave Downie nearly have a breakdown when it looked like they weren”t going to get anyone in. Four hours seemed to be an extraordinary amount of time when Neil told me we were doing it. I

In truth we could have gone on all night. Loads of you from all over the place joined in the fun. At 10pm we got bumped for Pete Price.

This Friday we go right until the deadline (Pete doesn”t “do” Fridays). We have a great line up of guests again including:

  • Rory Smith from The Times talking about the window and the winners and losers
  • Steve Armstrong from United We Stand talking about Mata, matters and Moyes
  • Nick O’Prey from Global Coach filling us in on any worldwide transfer trends
  • Juliet Jacques (New Statesmen, Guardian, loads more) on anything mad Norwich are up to
  • David Mooney from Blue Moon to tell us if Manchester City are PhilWeb to put shares in Hong Kong Resorts World Sentosa’s dolphin dilemma PhilWeb casino Corp. casually lashing £30m at anyone
  • Natasha Henry (The Guardian) discussing anyone who has caught Arsene Wenger’s eye
  • Kristian Walsh (The Telegraph, ESPN) on mad stuff going on in Europe (Tarrabt to AC Milan!)
  • Andi Thomas (SB Nation, Football 365) on who has actually got a better team than when they started

And more still to be announced when Neil pulls his finger out.

If nothing happens it’s fine. We won’t be resorting to blag rumours and baggage handler sightings. We’ll talk about where all the clubs are at and who has left themselves short. We’ll talk about if the January transfer window is any good. We’ll hopelessly predict what we think will happen the rest of the season. We’ll skit Tony Hibbert.

We will be live on City Talk 105.9 from 6 to 11 (straight after The Anfield Wrap live show). If you are elsewhere in the world there are always ways to listen. People find them. We will retweet them. They might even put them in the comments below. Get involved. We’ll be glad of the company. This will never be a podcast so its live or nothing.

Six hours of live radio. And then: Imagine the pint.

6pm Citytalk 105.9 – http://radioplayer.citytalk.fm/ – @citytalk1059




We couldn’t be more excited.