Issue 6 of The Anfield Wrap’s free interactive digital magazine is out now and it’s packed with content to keep you busy over the Christmas period and into the New Year.

#TAWMAG6 has a kind of double cover, watch it* and you’ll see what we mean, featuring both Russell Brand and John Barnes because the magazine features exclusive interviews with both.

#TAWMAG6 Russell Brand features on one of the covers

#TAWMAG6 Russell Brand features on one of the covers

Russell Brand spoke to us after his show at the Echo Arena, with the HJC’s Sheila Coleman joining the conversation as Brand opens up and shares his views on the HJC’s campaign, talks about his career and his own campaigns and even mentions a bit of footy.

#tawmag6 One cover features John BarnesLiverpool fans around the world are getting that strange melting feeling every time Luis Suárez does “his thing” and now we speak to a man who did much the same to us with “his thing” twenty odd years ago. John Barnes sat down with us at the Epstein theatre.

Talking of twenty odd years ago, Gareth Roberts has a look back that famous 9-0 win over Crystal Palace, but not until he’s explained the trouble he had to go to before getting his hands on a copy of the game on VHS.

We had a lot of fun recording last year’s Christmas quiz so we decided to record it as a TV show this year. You can find that in the magazine, sit back and enjoy grown men getting far too upset about the quality of the questions. Or maybe they had a point.

Playing tunes for us at the Christmas quiz was David Jaggs of the Ragamuffins and this month we’ve got a review of their album, ‘The Benefits of a Downhill Paper Round’, as well as an interview with Jaggsy.

In fact there’s quite a bit of music featuring this month, Gareth Roberts interviews Mick Head from The Pale Fountains and Shack whilst Karl Coppack has a look back at the career of Half Man Half Biscuit. John Gibbons takes a look back at some classic nights at The Royal Court in Liverpool, back when it was arguably the best gig venue in town.

As another diversion from football Tony Teasdale has a tongue-in-cheek look back at the history of scouse tracksuits.

But football is the main reason we’re all here and so we’ve crammed plenty of that in, including:

  • Rob Gutmann on FSG’s recruitment policy and its apparent focus on younger talent
  • Football’s JOHN NICHOLSON gives us an outsider’s perspective on how Brendan Rodgers has done in his first 18 months at Anfield.
  • Karl Coppack recounts an all-too-common tale of how football fans are treated by the police at away games.
  • There’s a moving look from Mike Nevin at two of Liverpool’s meetings with Juventus, two very different meetings 20 years apart.
  • We’ve got an extract from Jonathan Wilson’s book, The Anatomy of Liverpool, a book that picks out ten games from Liverpool’s long history.
  • Andy Heaton has a look back at the opening three years of the FSG era.
  • With the FA Cup set to interrupt the league season after Christmas, Jim Boardman explains why he hates that third round.

The magazine is available now for free.

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The Anfield Wrap Mag issue 6. Get on it!

* The mag is interactive, alive even, so you often need to watch our covers, not just look at them!