In the week that saw Luis Suárez score four goals in one game – three of them ‘goal of the season’ contenders –it just so happens that we chose Liverpool’s little Uruguayan hero as the cover story for issue 5 of our digital magazine.

#TAWMAG5 - Cover:  Time to bank on SuarezIt’s also the week where Suárez was quoted as saying:  “I am happy here and I will stay,” but how sure can we be that this change of mind won’t be followed by another? Rob Gutmann has an idea he thinks will make sure Suárez does keep his mind in one place, that place being Anfield.

Also in this issue:

  • Jonathan Northcroft writes the first of a new regular column for the TAW magazine where he looks at the reluctance many of his journalist colleagues have to answer the question: “Who do you support”?
  • We’ve got an extract from the official biography of the man who found Kenny Dalglish, Jock Stein’s former right-hand man Sean Fallon.
  • Mike Nevin looks back at some of the standout points in the career of Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard.
  • Sachin Nakrani casts his eye over another of LFC’s midfielders, Jordan Henderson, a player Alex Ferguson didn’t like the run of but “the most improved player in the Premier League this season” according to Brendan Rodgers.
  • Gareth Roberts looks further back to a big part of The Reds’ midfield of old, the great Dane Jan Molby
  • ‘Rambo’ is also included in a piece about Liverpool FC’s revamped museum under The Kop, with exclusive audio interviews with Molby, Alan Kennedy, David Fairclough and Phil Thompson.
  • The museum quite strikingly showcases key moments in Liverpool’s history but we’ve delved a bit deeper and had a look at some of the moments that don’t really lend themselves to museum displays. Kristian Walsh looks back to 2002 and Liverpool’s meeting with Valencia under Houllier and Evans. Neil Atkinson looks back at what might have been, what should have been, after the summer of 2006.
  • David Preece, goalkeeper and goalkeeping coach for Lincoln City, assesses the arrival of Simon Mignolet as successor to Pepe Reina at Anfield.
  • Gareth Roberts has a look at how Brendan Rodgers has fared so far in the 2013/14 league campaign.

It’s not all football of course and this issue also features:

  • An exclusive interview with Vivek Tiwary, the Tony-award-winning Broadway producer and creator of a new graphic novel, ‘The Fifth Beatle’, about The Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein.
  • Neil Scott revisiting Brookside Close, the Liverpool cul-de-sac home of the Channel 4 soap that graced Britain’s screens for 21 years.
  • John Gibbons interviewing the brains behind a new vinyl-only record label, Eighties Vinyl
  • An interview with Rachael Wright and a review of her new album, ‘Dig’.

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#TAWMAG5 - Cover:  Time to bank on Suarez

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