Tomorrow we hit London in conjunction with HJC London Rocks.

They are bringing John Power and The Tea Street Band.

We are bringing Gareth Roberts.

OK. There’s an imbalance there. There is no getting away from it. Let’s be honest: Robbo’s far more attractive than all those combined. He is The Anfield Wrap’s eye candy. We are bringing out the big guns for our London debut.

Speaking as The Anfield Wrap’s eye cabbage I’ll be working hard to keep you entertained with fast moving football talk between acts. Let me talk you through the plan for the day.

It takes place at the Highbury Garage. This is less than a 15 minute walk to the ground they tell me.

Doors 2:30pm. It is important to know this and important this is recorded. At 2:30pm on Saturday 2nd November 2013 you can walk through a door in London, approach a bar and say “a pint please” and the barman or woman will say “Certainly sir/madam. That’ll be two pounds twenty pence please.”

In London.

In 2013.

This will happen. It makes everything TAW are doing on the stage pale into insignificance really.

Then at 3pm Contra will be on playing a crowd pleasing set that I’m looking forward to hugely.

At 4pm Christian Slawinsky will play his Scandinavian chart topping song about the Justice Campaign.

At 4:15pm I’ll be onstage – soz – talking to Jim Boardman, Rob Gutmann and Arsenal season ticket holder and journalist Natasha Henry about the game to come. We’ll get you your teamnews first or just after Twitter.

Following this will be Tony Evans talking about the 83/84 season. He’s writing a book on the subject. He talked about it in Dublin and it was fascinating. We will reprise. Expect positive talk about Graeme Souness as it is the football being discussed.

Then it is 5pm – the screens will be fired up in the Garage for those of us who don’t have a ticket. Those of us who do (I am in this list) will get to have a walk with a load of mates to the game. I am really looking forward to this bit. What a walk it will be.

The football match happens. The Champions Elect do their thing.

We all walk back to a place where it will remain £2.20 a pint and at 7:45pm John Power will play a fantastic set. Brilliant stuff. Great that he is doing this.

He finishes and then The Anfield Wrap live show hits. Me, Gareth Roberts (SWOON), Mike Girling (SWAGGER), Tony Evans (SWARTHY), Iain MacIntosh (SWISH) and John Gibbons (SWAY) will talk with you about football for a while. Notice the “with you”. Not at. With. Audience participation actively encouraged.

We will then have speakers about the causes being supported and then there will be an auction hosted by me and John – items here – and a raffle as well.

We will close with the schoolyard game and then hand over to The Tea Street Band who will throw down their gauntlet to the London music scene with aplomb. Strides will glide, junk will funk and your hips will be at least 75% as snakey as Timo’s by the time Tea Street are finished with you.

The finish in question – 11:15pm curfew. We all go home. Or go on. Your call. You’ll feel all fuzzy and happy though.

So if you have tickets, this is what is happening. If you don’t, you can get some and this is the place to get them.

So – great musical acts, grown up football talk from Evo, childish football talk from us. It’s two pound twenty a pint. But more than any of those transient things, it’s this – a vital cause that should be supported. That you have supported. That you continue to support. You’ll be with a bunch of like-minded souls who have done likewise, who feel likewise. You know this.

No worries if you can’t, but come if you can. Be supportive. Be supporting. Be supporters. Win, lose or draw, it’ll be fun. Promise. But it will be more than that. Promise.

See you tomorrow