Within Issue 2 of the magazine/periodical/app/almanac/workofianmaloney’sdesignbrilliance there is going to be an article written by Mike Nevin about his matchday matchgoing routine. I’ve read it. It is good. But what I want is to talk to some of you about your match day routines and superstitions and so on. We can then talk about them via phonecall to have some audio to accompany the article so it isn’t just Mike but a fair few people all in together. Doesn’t have to be UK only either.

If you’d like to be included then send me an email to [email protected], explaining your routine, your name, your twitter handle if applicable and phone number. I’ll pick seven or eight to talk to and then we go from there.

Seems an elaborate way to solicit information about you all to perpetrate future fraud but there you go.

So if you’d like to be included please drop me an email.