Still struggling to believe we are going to Australia. Two reasons:

a)      Can it really be sensible to send footballers to Australia and the Pacific Rim three weeks before the season starts? I know everybody else is doing it, but…


On a), I mean thanks and that, but it does further buttress the opinion football clubs are currently ongoing battles between common sense and money. Watch as Hull take 20 points from the first 30 available.

However – on the positive side – I expect to see mindboggling fervour from the Australian support. It is as much their football team as it is anyone else’s. It is going to go off. Right off.

Right off.

And that’s – hopefully – where we come in. Adding a bit more party to their pyro. Three TAW events in four nights. Because it is three events, we’re making it three different events. So to be clear, this is what is happening when:

Show One – Sydney Saturday 20th July

Two separate panel discussions, one on Craig Johnston’s LFC career, the other on the Liverpool season to come. A full Q&A session on both. Silent Sleep, Bonnie Johnson and Tony Le Bars, and The Tea Street Band.

Show Two – Melbourne Sunday 21st July

An intimate event with a small panel talking to Craig about his life before taking questions for as long as we need to. Music provided by Silent Sleep and Bonnie Johnson and Tony Le Bars.

Show Three – Melbourne Tuesday 23rd July

The full Anfield Wrap live show. Ask the Bray 500 or the NY crew. It is relentless. We’ll have both Craig Johnston and Alan Fletcher joining the panel and his band Waiting Room will perform alongside Silent Sleep and The Tea Street Band.

I’ll anticipate some questions:

–          None of the shows will be podcast. You have to be there.

–          But we will be looking to record a podcast or two when over there.

–          The TAW panelists across all three shows will be – Jim Boardman, Tony Evans, John Gibbons, Gareth Roberts.

–          We’ll have additional guests from Australia as well as we go as well.

–          Everything will run till late/may never end. Plan accordingly.

–          And where do you get tickets? Here. Here I tell you. 

So my concerns:

  1. A week with Tea Street. A week with Tea Street. Someone is coming back finished. Hopefully not Craig. It’ll get awkward.
  2. Australia is reputedly a very macho country. Silent Sleep definitely make me cry.
  3. Coming home. After that week and the jet lag. It is going to hurt. LFC may well get themselves in shape to start the season. Could be touch and go for me.

But really, these are utterly churlish. I’m off on holiday now. Taking some time to recharge batteries before looking to do some brilliant shows in the run-up to and upon arrival in Australia. Because we are going to work our bollocks off to produce the best, most interesting, most entertaining possible shows to mark Liverpool’s first game on the continent. And have a million adventures and almost as many drinks.

We’re lucky to be coming. The stars have aligned. Let’s all take full advantage and have a carnival.