1. A bit on FSG, which you were dumping on today. I am a life-long Sox fan and having suffered with few decades of mismanagement of a great organization I have much more confidence in them than you show. Claire was closest in her read on John Henry as a passionate guy — he was on a mission to bring the Sox back to their former glory and did it in stunningly short order. He also figured out how to make Fenway Park economically feasible, when every “sensible” person felt it had to be leveled and a new stadium built in order for the Sox to compete financially. He certainly doesn’t know baseball like he knows soccer. But he does value tradition and excellence, which is why I think FSG has acquired Liverpool. The cynical take that Liverpool is financially adequate for FSG as is does not sit well with the ownership I know. For the cynics, perennial top 4 and champion Liverpool is an infinitely more lucrative prospect, especially with the American fan base they have been trying to cultivate with “Being Liverpool.” Gone is the $%@#& who blew the summer transfers and left the side bereft of strikers. Let’s wait until the January window passes before we start piling on FSG. If they don’t get it right then , I’ll lead the charge

    • @imhoffjosh

      I second this opinion. As an American and a baseball fan (not Red Sox), I’ve got a lot of respect for Henry as an owner. Unlike a lot of American owners of sports franchises, he comes across as smart enough to know what he doesn’t know, but is eager to learn and understand. I think it’s the private equity guy in him. Hicks bought sports franchises as vanity projects – trophies of his success in other endeavors (always using a lot of leverage/debt). Henry is in this to make money – a lot of money – and he was interested in Liverpool because it was an “undervalued asset” – huge brand appeal and profile, but fallen on relatively hard times. And the way for him to make money is to become a regular CL participant and league challenger, both for the revenue that generates and the commercial follow on. But he’ll only do that in an economically responsible way, hence the importance of FFP to FSG as a way of leveling the field. FSG/Henry will make mistakes, but will ultimately succeed.

      Excuse the callousness of talking about LFC as an “asset”, but I hope it shows reasons to remain optimistic. Love the podcasts and website!

    • Did you just call Kenneth Dalglish a $%@#&…?

  2. Just a quick note to say thanks for all the great content you’ve provided this year. Keep up the great work and diversity of opinion.
    Cheers and here’s to a better 2013.

  3. Kevin Barry

    It’s a great site. I hope the content quality continues in 2013, which will be a watershed year for Liverpool Football Club.

  4. Have a great new year, boys. Hope the site and podcasts remain as enjoyable as always!

  5. All the best for 2013, always entertaining, I look forward to listening after every game played. As G money stated, let us give FSG a little more time to instill their game plan. As it has been in Europe, we too here in the ‘States have endured an unsettling and precarious year. Let us wish for a successful run in the new year and come seasons end see the plans for a revitalised Anfield fulfilled. Best wishes to all in my old home town , keep the faith.

  6. stephen martin

    great website/pod casts

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