To celebrate the launch of Steven’s new book My Liverpool Story, we’ve been given a shirt signed by the Liverpool captain to give away.

For a chance to win, all’s you have to do it get on to Twitter, retweet this tweet from the TAW account and then simply pick your top 3 goals that Steven has scored from the shortlist of 20 below.

Once you’ve picked your top 3, email your selection INCLUDING your Twitter address, in 1,2,3 order to [email protected] and if it matches the lads top 3 you’ll be put in the hat for the signed shirt which will be announced live on TAW on CityTalk at 5pm this Friday.

Best of luck and here are my top 20 that you’ve got to choose from in no particular order and many thanks for those who helped with suggestions.



Sheff Wed


West Ham



Aston Villa

Aston Villa

Newcastle free-kick from a Lucas lay-off

Man Utd

Real Madrid





Newcastle (Chip from Lucas pass)





  1. 1. West Ham (FA Cup Final – Sublime)
    2. Sheff Wed (That drop of the shoulder is almost extinct now)
    3. Newcastle (free-kick from a Lucas lay-off – If I remember rightly this game came after an England game where Gerrard, and team, where criticised – The Newcastle fans booed Gerrard through out the game because of it – that goal was so sweet!

  2. 1. Man Utd – Was at the match and ill never forget how good that strike was.

    2 Olympiakos – Shere importance of the goal and the commentator screaming Gerrards name

    3. Sheffield Wednesday – Gerrards first senior goal which gave us all a glimpse of the player he has become.

  3. Rich Marston

    1) AC Milan (European Cup Final)-Four words, You’ll Never Walk Alone,
    2) West Ham (FA Cup Final)-Four words, You’ll Never Walk Alone,
    3) Olympiakos (European Cup)-Four words, You’ll Never Walk Alone.

    All the goals on this list typify the man and the player. The bigger the game the bigger the performance. Never say die attitude. A colossus. Four words…

  4. Hmm this is tricky. You have to decide if the guys view each goal in a vacuum or will they factor in how important/crucial the goal was and what it lead to. For example his header vs Milan at 3-0 meant SO much but is it “better” than a 30 yard volley? Tricky!

    Great comp guys thanks for doing it

  5. Alastair Sutton

    So many quality goals and a whole bunch you’ve missed off. Almost impossible to choose, but here goes…
    1. Against Olympiakos – because it was THE goal that set us on our way to the greatest triumph in the club’s history. Without that goal we would not have won the European Cup.
    2. Against Man Utd – because it was the first goal to really put Gerrard on the map as a world class striker of the ball. It screamed “I’M HERE!!!”
    3. Against Middlesborough – the absolute pinnacle of technique and power that defined Gerrard what he is; the best player to have pulled on a Liverpool shirt… in my opinion.

    The man’s a legend.

  6. Kevin Thompson

    Get in there!!!!! Proper cheesy grin on my grid.
    1. Olympiakos – the most important goal I’ve seen at Anfield. We ALL believed from then that Ol’ Big Ears was coming home!
    2. West Ham – we were dead! Up stand Stevie; that epitomised what the man was!
    3. Man Utd – just an absolutely brilliant goal against them! :-)

    ….yeah, I’m still grinning!

    • Kevin Thompson

      My use of past tense in my last message was a slip of the finger. He still is a great great player and still our best performer in any position. The best Liverpool player I have ever seen (yes better than Digger!).

      • jonnysingapore

        Fortunately he’s not our best performer right now, because he’s been quite pants this season.

        Need him back to his better self and we need Lucas to let Allen to get forwards.

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