1. well done andy heaton, people getting on his back and any other member of a FAN outlet (emphasizing the word fan) like this need to calm down, we’re all fans here, same side and all that

  2. Excellent podcast again. Listen to the podcast on the way to work on Tuesday and Saturday mornings in Australia (Monday and Friday evenings in Liverpool – 9 hours difference to be exact). Great news on Hillsborough. It even made coverage on some of news tv and publishing outlets in Australia but keeping tabs on it all the same. Very encouraging news on the stadium refurbishment, wish I was involved with the design aspect.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Thomas Hoppe

    The question that needs debating re: football is who can we add to help us score goals or free up our goal scores to get and put away some straightforward chances . As well, we could stand to be more compitent w/out Lucas and on the left? For all the positivity around Rodgers he didn’t seem to have many targets outside the Premier League.

  4. Thermos should be for liquids only.

    Please bear this in mind.

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