1. Absolutely don’t trust Faulkner. Whenever Bliar was in trouble, he always used to come out to bat for him…

  2. You mentioned Jonny Evans. You forgot to mention the crippling tackle on Stuart Holden which happened in March of 2011, and Holden hasn’t really played since.

  3. great show again lads ,have to say i loved joe allans determination and aggression he showed us in the derby to add to his consistancy shown allready this season, he is going to be some player for us and as brenden said when lucas is back we are going see see hes even better in other roles great signing

  4. I agree Allen was great with how he kept at it, but he will need some weights work if he’s to avoid being kept off the ball so easily by Fellaini (who is turning 25 in a month according to Wikipedia, so a bit older than suggested on the podcast but still surprisingly young). Wisdom on the other hand has the strength, but needs a lot of time on defensive positioning. But if he’s in the team then he’s clearly a keen learner, so I’m sure he’ll become a great.

    I also agree a 4th official who is watching a TV should be able to talk to the referee in the same way as the assistants do, so a decision could be turned around if events on the pitch haven’t progressed too far (goals being added on or off would always be counted, tho, which could actually stop a team from playing keep-ball if they earned a dubious lead that might be overturned a couple of minutes later). The only trick is how easily a ref can have the same technology as a TV studio, given a TV station won’t want to interrupt the match with replays, and might be tempted to not show incriminating replays if the story of the game is better served by a decision standing.

  5. Robin Crimes

    Look, you have to cheat. In a perfect world we’d all hate cheats but it’s not a perfect world. We should rely on the officials to police the game reasonably fairly but they can’t. They’re absolutely useless. You have to get whatever you can or suffer the consequences. We suffered on Sunday. If a minute after the disallowed Suarez goal he’d have dived and won a pen I’d have seen it as justice – not horrible gamesmanship. I’d rather lose 10-0 and be humiliated or lose by a dodgy pen than draw in the manner we did on Sunday. That kind of incompetence just makes me aggressive. I don’t wanna feel like that on a Sunday afternoon.

    What I wanna know is does anything get said about errors this big? Do the FA meet and bollock the little prick? I know refs get demoted if they referee a Man Utd match badly but what will happen over Sunday’s decision? The FA is like the Grand Lodge of the Freemasons. We don’t hear anything from them. I’ve got an image of them all laughing over a pint at ‘Suarez’s face when that flag was raised’. Does anyone know if / how they’ll react to that decision. I need to know because I’m going off football. There’s no point in playing if you can’t score fair and square.

    • But Robin, you can’t have it both ways… the start of your comment you say “you have to cheat”, beacuse the “officials are completely useless”, then you say at the end “There’s no point in playing if you can’t score fair and square.”

      Cheat or Fair and Square?

      For what it’s worth I agree with you to a certain extent and like yourself, all this crap surrounding the game is putting me off football.

      • Robin Crimes

        Haha, fair point mate. What I mean’t was unfortunately cheating has become part of the game. If you play fair you miss out. We can’t rely on the officials and a lot will go against us, as we’re finding out. Therefore we have to try and get something back to even it out for the ones we won’t get. I’m ok with cheating (if it’s one of our players who gets away with it), what I can’t stand is officials who can’t see a fair goal. Basically mate, as long as we benefit I’ve got no morals, lol. If we lose out it makes me livid.

  6. I particularly enjoyed this week’s canine contribution. You can never have enough dogs in a recording studio environment, that’s what I’ve always said.

  7. Mark Harrington

    Let’s have more on the video evidence thing wrappers. here is my prediction: The day that refs get video confirmation is the last season of whisky nose, and guess which end of the east lancs road team becomes a mid table mediocrity that season. I would love someone to show the real table for the premier league if all the correct decisions stood for goals, even though we cannot account for what might have happened in so many instances.

  8. Troutbeck Red

    There have been many memorable moments on the wrap to enjoy. Hodge baiting is always a pleasure to listen to as is Romel; for the first time on the pod we had a direct attack on Henry Winter and Haywood and their supercilious ‘men of the broadsheet’ moral cruisades. About fucking time!
    Lawro may have reinvented himself as a dickhead but at least we can all laugh at him instead of with him and he was a great defender (something he hides very well as a pundit). Winter and Haywood genuinely believe that they are the intelligentsia and governments should stop what they are doing and read their pontifications. What is worse is that there is now a generation of supporters that swallow all this garbage because it is in the Telegraph and therefore is quality journalism (sic) and like all sheep this lot should be slaughterd, roasted and eaten with mint sauce.

  9. Mark Harrington

    A little off topic but is there any chance of the phone ins being made available anywhere but on Itunes?, like a direct link here say?. Many thanks for all you do, if only the team was as successful as the podcast!

  10. Rafapologist

    Just a thought about this “refereeing the incident and not the context idea.”
    I think referees who do that leave themselves open to exploitation by teams like Stoke who rotate the fouler.
    When a team is systematically fouling the ref needs to place each foul in the context of the game otherwise they’ll get away with reducing the game to a horrible stop start spectacle.

  11. You all missed the worst offence of the Derby.

    Fellaini kicked Allen while he was on the ground. He should have been sent off and be up on an FA charge.

    so moyes can go fk himself, and if not I’ll do it for him. Shame he’s not as old as Fergie cos he’s a moralising pig of a twat.

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