Announcement on Anfield redevelopment expected Monday

LIVERPOOL supporters have waited many years and been through two changes of ownership since the club first made clear the desperate need for a significant increase in capacity for home games. Following the takeover by FSG in 2010 the club began to look at the possibility of a redevelopment of Anfield alongside the various plans to move to a new stadium in Stanley Park.

The Anfield Wrap understands that an announcement will be made on Monday confirming that Liverpool intend to redevelop Anfield.

The announcement, it is understood, will be made by Liverpool City Council and relates to the commencement of Compulsory Purchase Order consultations as part of plans for improvements to the Anfield area. Those improvements include work to redevelop Liverpool Football Club’s Anfield stadium.

The intention, following satisfactory progress in the consultations which continue into next year, is for the stadium redevelopment to commence in 2014.


  1. About time. Let’s crack on!

  2. Kevin Kelleher

    Let me guess…FSG will claim that the decision was also in keeping with tradition & that the historical significance was a factor!!

  3. Are Wangsholm

    This sounds very exicting, but as an overseas fan I wonder if this is what the local community want the most?

    • Simon henderson

      Haven’t heard anyone complain yet, redevelopment normaly has a massive impact on local community in a positive way. Plus the plan includes paying 110% of the value of the houses in the plan…

  4. heard it all before and it wouldnt get fsg off the hook for leaving lfc with just 2 strikers after they shafted brendan in the summer.

    • Soooo, you’d rather they not redevelop beacuase they didn’t buy another striker? I don’t think they’re redeveloping the stadium to hide our lack of strikers. I could be wrong though, that might have been their master plan all along

  5. Rob Baillie

    The increased revenue which 12,000 extra seats will bring in when re-developing the Main Stand and the Anfield Rd stand will be swallowed up by the cost of the re-development.

    To increase match-day revenue significantly then the sad fact is that ticket prices will need to rise significantly.

    Even more of the core local fan base will be priced out of going to the match to be replaced by whom?

    I’ll leave you to work it out.

    • The revenue from 12000 extra seats (if that is actually how many extra seats there’ll be) will become profitable after the development is paid off. Moving into a new stadium or redeveloping an old one is a long term investment. We won’t see the benefits for 5, 10, 15 years depending on costs and structure of the finance.

      Apparently the idea is to have a more tiered ticket pricing structure. Cheapest tickets will be cheaper than we have now but other ticket prices will increase.

      This is something the club has to do to compete with Man Utd and Arsenal as its unrealistic to build a 100,000 stadium and charge every fan £10.

    • True, however that additional revenue is a van persie signing, long term vision is key to long term success.

    • Fernando CliTorres

      It’s probably more than 12,000 seats but that is not the point. The club will buy and develop some of the area around the stadium which will bring in revenue from rent presumably. And the club will add luxury seating options that will generate much more money than the average seat. You make it sound like FSG don’t know how increase revenue/profit.

  6. The way to increase matchday revenue is the combination of more seats for fans and more corporate boxes.
    Don’t be surprised if the redevelopment features a decent amount of seats and a very large boost in boxes.

  7. Scouse Mick

    That’s great news! I never wanted a new stadium due to the history at Anfield. Plus after reading all that I have about the pros and cons I didn’t think a new stadium was cost effective anyway.

  8. Peter McGurk

    Yes, I’ve worked it out and a redevelopment will net twice as much as a new stadium. Same prices

  9. Think that it’s great if this is true for when when it complete as it will help to enhance the atmospher that is at each game as well as bringing in extra revenue to the club in the long term

  10. FSG get a bad wrap from a lot of fans, but I think our owners are smarter (and more honest) than they’re given credit for. They’ve done their homework in this matter, I’d trust their judgment.

  11. Why will it take the council 15 months to make compulsary purchases, houses must already be identified.

  12. Hallelujah!!!

  13. Can we blame Suarez for this ??????

  14. Stephen Routledge

    What the fuck has this got to do with stadium plans.

    Duncan Jenkins was a joke account, what is disgusting is LFC and Jen Chang threatening behaviour and lack of humour.. Did Duncan really cost the club money? Did he fuck!
    LFC Has been a laughing stock long before Duncan came along.. Personally I miss his joke tweets, he Certainly knew his onions!

  15. @ Stephen Routledge. Yes an anonymous blogger is bound to be telling the truth even though he lied for months

  16. why is johnny braveaux signing off as it jim boardman hiding behind another character?

  17. I’ve deleted the comments from “Jim” (not me, believe it or not) about claims being made on a blog elsewhere.

  18. now then jim..

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