LIVERPOOL supporters have waited many years and been through two changes of ownership since the club first made clear the desperate need for a significant increase in capacity for home games. Following the takeover by FSG in 2010 the club began to look at the possibility of a redevelopment of Anfield alongside the various plans to move to a new stadium in Stanley Park.

The Anfield Wrap understands that an announcement will be made on Monday confirming that Liverpool intend to redevelop Anfield.

The announcement, it is understood, will be made by Liverpool City Council and relates to the commencement of Compulsory Purchase Order consultations as part of plans for improvements to the Anfield area. Those improvements include work to redevelop Liverpool Football Club’s Anfield stadium.

The intention, following satisfactory progress in the consultations which continue into next year, is for the stadium redevelopment to commence in 2014.