1. I thought this was the most self preserving and self promoting Interview I have heard in a very long time.
    I “BR” could ahve been at swansea for a long time, I “BR” could have been elsewhere .

    You LFC should be greatful you have, I am the the new Shankly… I am going to give the youth a chance , I am making raheem sterling…. I am afraid Talk is cheap and actions the evidence, ..
    So Much ego for winning promotion via playoff…Was it Not martinez who introduced Swansea Style of play….

    We are in the Bottom 3, and will be in the bottom if Talk is not carried out onto the pitch,

    • Aman Narang

      For fuck’s sake have some faith in our manager. Three games in and some people can’t wait to slag him off, even on an item where he has been praised for taking his time out to give a classy interview. Judge him at least after half the season is gone rather than jumping the gun with such obnoxious comments.

    • Zain, you got no brain, you cause me pain – should I say it again ?
      You should be shoved down a drain, treated with disdain and fed not a grain.
      In my life you’re the bane, I think you’re insane and you missed the train.

      That makes more sense than the jibberish you’ve tumbled out. I can make out that you’re not impressed with BR. May I suggest that you go and lick Ferguson, Mancini or Di Matteo around the anal area ? Because I get the impression that Rodgers may be here for a while……

    • Nico Rjinders

      “We are in the Bottom 3, and will be in the bottom if Talk is not carried out onto the pitch”.

      Amazing. You should be proud. Proud.

    • Wow. Just wow. Should he us “it” perhaps instead of “I”. He’s the manager of LFC the single most important person at the club. “I” is the appropriate word.

    • Bob Dobalina

      It’s ‘fans’ like you who are the reason LFC are where we are now. We’re 3 games into the season, we have to give BR a chance, which means 2 or 3 years. Have some patience, douche.

    • Zain

      To me he seemed articulate, charismatic and knowledgeable.

      You obviously disagree, mainly it seems because of your dislike of his perceived egotism.

      None of your criticisms touch on his view of tactics, transfer policy etc. so it’s hard to glean what you think of him in purely football terms.

      The reality is none of us will really know if BR can walk the walk until at least Christmas and maybe the end of the season.

      Until then, if you are a Liverpool fan, why not give him the benefit of the doubt.

      Why not get behind him and the team?


    • Jesus! Talk about negative!

      Do one you knob!

    • I must have listened to something else, although Zain does reenforce my opinion that far too many of our supporters are hysterical children.

    • I really dont know what you are moaning about. I thought he struck the right balance, he was confident being arrogant. i dont see why the manager of one of the greatest clubs in the world should be a shrinking violet. he will instill this confidence in our players, and we will all be better off for it. i for one have been sold on his ideas and his tactics. he also sounds like a very decent person. so get off his case and support the project. it will all come good! this season! YNWA!!!

    • and what’s so wrong about him acting or maybe trying to be a shankly? wouldn’t you love that? personally am enjoying and loving it when he talks like that, thats a manager with authority.. do u not think sometime’s that’s how he operates naturally.. and so what if Martinez introduced the swansea style of play.. was it not Rodgers who then enhanced Swansea even further… did martinez promote swansea?? think about that bruh.. support the LFC manager!! as a supporter thats what your supposed to do

    • Mark Leddy

      ???? Oh ye of little faith. ;-)

  2. Well I have to say I’m impressed. Firstly that he has spent 45 mins answering question from fan sites and secondly with his responses.

    Really feel by the end of this season we will have our system in place and can push on from their. I have faith!

  3. Very good interview. A bit too soothing, maybe.
    Brendan Rodgers is certainly very charismatic. Very diplomatic. Very likable. He can certainly talk the talk.
    Perhaps because the audience was mesmerised by him, as it often happens, they failed to ask him some painful questions that have still remained unanswered for me.
    I just wish he had the same mesmerising effect on J.W.Henry, which didn’t seem to be the case during this transfer window.

    • What questions would you have liked asking? he seemed to me, to answer everything put too him with candor, he didn’t flinch from anything that was asked.

      • One question which I understand is not easy to answer either for BR, or for the owners, is how come there was such a misunderstanding between them. The decision making thing.
        He says he is being supported and owners are being honest with him. But the Friday’s situation tells the opposite. And not actually only Friday, but the whole transfer window.
        I don’t want them to answer that question in public though, rather address and sort it out it between themselves.

        • How do you mean the whole transfer window? up until the final day i was happy with our dealings, we had brought in some good players and moved on players who were no longer needed.
          No doubt that the last day was a balls up but certainly not all the business completed.

  4. One has to be patient, and let the man do his thing. Results will be shown by performance, and then we can make the judgement.

  5. A good interview and some calm reassurance about the course being set for the future. Last week was a bad week no doubt but we have to get it in perspective. Big changes have been made and the plans on and off the pitch won’t bear instant fruit.

    I don’t buy the self promotion criticism. Any manager has to command the respect of the players and if he can’t do this through his playing career then he has to show an ability to work with players and have the communication skills to get his ideas across. Whaterver else BR’s got he’s got this in spades.

    Think Joe Allen as lead disciple and keep the faith.

  6. Honest and open.
    Don’t start with the shanks bollox tho he is his own man and he will make his own impression given time.
    Everyone needs to realise where we are at tho and the time it’s going to take to turn things around.
    It’s gonna be a bumpy ride this season and the team are going to need the fans support.

  7. Due to the nature of Liverpool FC supporters it is necessary to have said supporters onside or you will no doubt fail. We should not be falling over ourselves to praise the club nor the Manager for doing something this is a must due to social media in the internet age.

    • But no doubt you would be quick to criticize if they did not. There is a massive number of complete arses on social media (take a look at forums on TLW or RAWK for example).

      If i meet you in a pub and we start to discuss a subject, it is quite easy for me detect if you are completely bonkers, or a dangerous psychotic. However, that is not so easy to detect on internet forums and consequently no organisation of any sort ,let alone our beloved football club should base its communication strategy on trying to get these supporters onside.

      That will come through winning and even then the perpetual pant shitting moaners will find something else to vent their limited intellect against.

      I speak of experience as i am old enough to have stood on the Kop throughout our glory years and still had to listen to ‘certain fans’ constant criticism.

  8. Firstly, it’s abundantly clear that BR speaks very well. This is obviously a big strength because communication with the players is a fundamental part of being a successful manager.

    He is passionate, articulate and seems an honest and genuine person. A man of integrity is obviously easier to fight for than someone you don’t like or even worse, consider as dishonest.

    One thing that concerns me though is his wide open and frequent discussion about the style of play. It’s too much now, I know he got asked about it, but that’s probably because he talks about it a lot himself.

    He asks for patience but he won’t get it off some fans if we aren’t playing like brazil in six months. It’s creating too much pressure and rope to hang himself with. For instance, I’ve already heard DOZENS of fans moaning about passing it sideways and not going long under pressure. I can’t help but think that this wouldn’t be the case if didn’t discuss it so much.

    Yes, work on it on the training ground but don’t give the issue a running commentary on the media.

    A final point, he talks about giving youth a chance but didn’t have Yesil or Morgan on the bench on Sunday when we are meant to be short on strikers. If that keeps happening (it may not of course) then he will lose sympathy. There could have been all kinds of reasons but this though, so it’s sensible to give him the benefit of the doubt of course.

    Overall, despite these couple of niggly things, I like BR and believe in him. It’s just time to walk the walk now.

  9. Doug McPherson

    “We’re not at that stage but that’s what we will get to. Death by football.”

    We haven’t had visionary like this since Rafa. We need to back him.

  10. Robin Crimes

    Well done TAW for bringing us this interview.

    I’ve commented on articles on this site a few times and every time I’ve defended FSG. After Friday I was so angry that I genuinely felt like punching doors to vent my anger. I felt embarrassed that I’d told all my mates they were definitely doing right by LFC.

    It’s not that I change like the wind or I’m easily swayed but hearing this interview and evaluating everything that’s gone on I’m supporting LFC and everyone associated with the club again. My belief is that things are going well at the club. There were massive mistakes made on Friday and I’m sure these are being addressed and positions and structures re-evaluated but I think that’s what they were – massive mistakes but nothing sinister.

    I just can’t see any evidence of FSG getting ready to sell. Yes, the books are going to be balanced but that was the plan from day one. The days of extravagance in football are numbered. Everything in this interview points to a long term plan.

    It’s my view that the real problem at Liverpool stems from the fans. Myself included. Despite being aware that LFC has been in decline for 2 decades the reality is we’re not prepared to wait for the club to re-build. We all want it this season. In fact we want it in the first 3 games. We all talk about the need to give the new manager time to implement his philosophy but it’s just talk.

    I know some will read this and think ‘he’s so naive’ but I don’t care. I see you lot as a pain in the arse. You’re the reason Liverpool is continually in the headlines regarding some kind of negativity. You’d look for something to moan about if we won the league. Something would be wrong somewhere. You’d find a drama.

    I’m looking forward to a time when LFC is run in a realistic way. Without £100k a week embarrassing flops sitting on the bench and refusing to leave because it’s all about the money. Where that bench includes young local lads who are desperate to play for LFC. Where the players on the pitch are clever footballers rather than the crock of shite we’ve had recently. Where Everton fans can’t laugh at us saying that pound for pound their transfer policy is far superior to ours. I see us becoming more like a honed boxer than a fat wrestler who throws his weight around but is actually a bit of a joke.

  11. Clear, articulate, motivational. A driven man with a vision. I can imagine his team talks being fantastic. Ultimately results will determine his fate, but I have a good feeling about this guy.

  12. Great interview, he comes across as a man with a vision, with the belief, ability and determination to make it happen. I think it’s a little harsh to say talk is cheap after so few games, were at the start of what will hopefully be a long journey. TAW boys, what can I say after listening to the show and hearing some big balls opinions, I expected a few hard questions but he applied baby powder to his hand, pimp slapped you and undone by his game you fell in line, luv it. You lot always make me laugh even when your not trying to be funny your still funny.

    Goodnight girlie’s.

  13. If a player works against the club then they should leave.
    If a supporter works against the club then they should also leave.

    Constructive criticism can be as productive as positive support.
    Negative, derogatory comments do not help in any way. They work against the club and therefore their source should also leave.

    Great positive insight again from BR, I really feel that success will return. I dont think with his minimum requirement of ‘give your life’ that it will be that difficult. The hardest part then will be staying at the top.

    Dont feel that he is being too open about his philosophy and tactics, he is not giving away the Coca Cola secret … its just good football.

    On wards and upwards … YNWA.

  14. Can you imagine Woy giving an interview like that? Me either

  15. I just wish he would stop broadcasting tactics and systems to all and sundry, and also cut out the high praise of Joe Allen every second word. Keep the kid grounded for gods sake

  16. He talks a good game, I really hope it translates to success on the pitch. He deserves our fully support and patience and I hope he gets its.

    My main concern is that BR’s philosophy is based on a strong attack – last season Swansea tended to either win two or three nil, or were hammered two or three nil. If LFC can’t convert our chances, we’re just going to be on the receiving end.

    I appreciate that Allen was an important piece of the puzzle. And perhaps Assaidi will provide some tricks going forward. But to bring in just Borini when so many other attacking players were shipped out just seems negligent. And this isn’t just a ‘Dempsey’ issue – frankly I would have thought we were still very light even if Clint had been obtained.

  17. He is obviously a good man, but that unfortunately counts very little on the pitch where obnoxious people like Ferguson are fighting for titles. Similarly like Kenny, there is no normal Liverpool fan wanting him anything else than success.

    Time and patience are essential. We’ve seen in the last 3 years what constant management change can do to the squad and club finances. Hopefully the fans and the owners will be patient.

  18. adriano pippo

    One little phrase summed it up, “If you don’t want to play football, what are you doing at Liverpool Football Club”.

    How many wasters have we had recently? The amount of fringe players taking the money and not making an effort for the club.

    Good work BR and TAW.

  19. dave the rave

    One of BE’s interlocuters – I won’t say which one – sounded like a blushing schoolgirl. Quite amusing. Interesting interview, but I wonder if detailed strategy discussions aren’t a help to the oppo? Will Moyesey also be listening with interest? I can’t think of another PL club that does this. Whiskey face tells journoes to do one if he thinks the answer will give too much away. Mebbe BR should keep his tactical briefs for the players.

    • he didn’t give tactics for opposition away though did he? merely an overview of the approach he wants, something i am sure any manager worth his salt would be able to fathom anyway.

  20. brillant this manger nows what he is doing. lfc will be amazing to watch in time . death by football ,rogers will take us there . believe ynwa

  21. People must remember that many players had planned to leave or were told they could leave before BR came in, particularly kuyt, rodriquez and bellamy were all leaving before BR came in so he cannot b blamed for it all, and its obvious that BR was under the impression that a replacement was incoming before carroll left, his interviews stated as much. But he should have got someone in before carroll left for sure. It is going to take time to adopt BR philosophy but i really hope the club stick with him, its going to be harder before it gets easier but he can do the business, he’s already talking the talk and when your a manager of a big club thats important! TIME is key, he needs 3 or 4 years, minimum, the owners are building for the next 15-20 years, I hope they keep BR for the journey! He can create a dynasty but must b given time and support!!!!!!! YNWA The future is bright, make no mistake!

  22. Cheers for bringing us the interview chaps, a nice bonus podcast for the commute home last night. And it made me feel pretty chilled after the (non) events of last weekend.

    Appreciated the tactical breakdown of the Arsenal game, and using Lucas to our (and his) benefit while he’s out is an inspired touch. Sometimes you feel an affinity for certain players, and Lucas is one of those for me – hearing he’s having bad days since getting injured again is not good. At least he knows how much we value him.

    LFC.com are saying this is the first of what will be a monthly briefing for fan sites, so a step in the right direction then, eh?

  23. matthew hill

    Firstly thanks to the Anfield Wrap for bringing us this interview first and foremost. Secondly I think it is a very good and articulate interview from a man who clearly knows what he wants from the ppl around him and has a clear vision of how he wants to achieve his goals.
    There are two ways to achieve success it would seem in this game we love to love once you have decided how you want to play and in my opinion they are,

    1- Spend money on a proven successfull manager who then buys expensive intelligent players already moulded in your desired way to play and build a ready made team for instant success. This can bring success as we have seen with Chelsea and Man City but it also comes with a massive net spent, massive wage bill which can only be financed by a rich benefactor or a huge turnover from stadium and sponsorship revenue.

    2- Get a very young ambitious Manager who has your vision of style of play. Allow him to bring his team with him and allow him time to build and mould a squad of younger players to play as you want your team to play. This plan is a longer term strategy that will allow your club to be financially secure as well as delivering success. The key to this plan is time and good scouting of young players.

    Clearly we can all see that FSG are not sheikh Mansour or Roman Abramovich and will not spent ridiculous amounts and run a club with a massive wage bill. They would appear to have taken note of the decline of clubs such as Rangers and can also see that whilst Anfield only holds a capacity of 44,0000 that the clear way to go is with plan 2. As it stands we have the manager, the team of coaches, have put in place a scouting network,have been busy securing new young talent and have also reached out globally to enhance our revenue through record sponsorship and kit deals. All that remains is the ground capacity issue and the time needed for plan 2 to take to fruition.
    We must give Rodgers the time required to implement this plan, Rome wasn’t build in a day, nor in 3 months or indeed 3 matches. In Brenden Rodgers i trust and FSG, after all they saved us from administration and the possibility of liquadation. Forever will it be known as “doing a Rangers” but it could so easily have been and it was close forever being known as “doing a Liverpool”, a saying that would forever be linked to us as ridicule, so for that alone I will stay patient and faithful to the plan.


  24. Another great interview from the new gaffer, every time he opens his mouth I’m impressed more and more the man just spews out honesty and integrity , but is he too open , does he need to be so open , is he just trying to win the doubters over early doors .

  25. No BR. You need to Man up to the owners and tell them they have really
    messed up. Even a pub footy team wouldn’t make the mistakes lfc did
    during transfer deadline day.

    Our whole season could be over before January comes. Lessons must be learn
    from owners and management as what they did was never in the best
    interests of the club. No matter what spin they put on.

  26. I was gutted when KD was sacked, but we move on as a club. Rodgers impresses me a lot, the problem is time -, will he get it off the owners and more importantly of the supporters? The ones who are already whinging need to behave, we have always been aknowledged as fans who understand football and the game as a whole. If they beleive after 3 league games that we are in crisis then they can’t understand the problem.
    Some of this squad is incapable of playing to the style BR and the majority of the fans would like to see. He has offloaded a few of these already and he was let down on transfer day by Ayres. We must now get behind him and show our class as supporters and stop listening to the press / media.

  27. At the very least it’s put TAW on the front page of BBC Football: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/19515644

  28. For a man to explain the Barca/tiki taka midfield formation on one hand and for everyone to understand it means that our gaffer is a master of getting his ideas across.

    Rafa was the only other manager that we’ve had that could tactically cope with BR. Rafa played with the two holding midfielders and at times we couldnt break down teams at Anfield who defended deep. I remember us all crying out for “wingers” to solve it. BR’s vision to have one who controls and two who can bomb forward but equally bomb back organised, defo will create more chances for us, score more goals with these players arriving late. He has a very clear idea but does understand where it does go wrong, where and what teams will do to counteract it ala the “long” ball the keeper plays to counteract hig pressing teams. I agree we have had a disaster of a transfer window and i think BR was defo left high and dry by Ayre, but genuinely think we have a man at the helm that can take this club SLOWLY back up to where it belongs.

    Us as supporters need to realize we aren’t a “top four” club anymore. Yes in terms of fans, history, fame we are but not in the league sense. Our expectations are hindering anyone who comes in and tries to build.

    I don’t expect Champions Lge football next season, but I do expect us to build foundations of an organised efficient passing team who attack and defend well and in tandem. BR is the man to take us there, i’ve no doubt about it. Doom merchants can do one and go support shite across the way if they want. In this interview he mentions EVERYONE at the club needs to pull in the same direction, us included.

  29. @Zain. “So Much ego for winning promotion via playoff…Was it Not martinez who introduced Swansea Style of play”.

    Erm.. what’s your point? That if Sam Allardyce took over from Wenger he would be an instant success? That Di Matteo should be grateful to Mourinio for their CL success? Despite himself failing to win it with Chelski with a far superior squad before the Italian? Stop regurgitating the same Martinez did it all nonesense we’ve heard endlessly. Haters like you p*** me off big time.

    It’s nice to see the moronic and defeatist ZAIN who commented first to be comprehensively reprimanded (nicest word I could conjure up for an immature brat as such) by real SUPPORTERS who know a thing or to about ‘supporting’ (Aman, Jack, Nico, Quazi[?])’.

    Seriously ZAIN , please give your spineless ‘support’ to City, Chelsea or your flipping BRAIN you moron.

  30. Rob, Cheshire

    The picture is simple. LFC’s squad falls way short of those of Chelsea, Man Utd, Man City and Arsenal in terms of both quality & depth.

    The manager wants to introduce a new style of play which will allow an organisation with significantly less cash to compete on as close to equal terms as he can get. He demonstrated at Swansea that he was able to get more “bang for his buck” than most Premiership managers whilst still playing excellent football.

    Currently he has a thin squad, is short of strikers and has a number of players that he knows will probably never be able to fit in fully with the way he wants to play. In short the team is not going to set the World on fire consistently for some time. It’s not possible!

    We can expect things to be rocky until at least January and probably for at least another 18 months after that. No manager on the planet can fix the position we are in in 2 or 3 games. It’s not possible!

    All Liverpool fans need to realise this and the worst amongst us need to stop our constant carping and whining. We need to take the bad days on the chin and keep supporting the team and the manager.

    What is the alternative?

  31. William Kidd

    BR is a good man and decent football brain.

    However he is not leadership material and will continue to struggle against strong boardroom characters.

    To be honest he has got number 2 written all over him.

    As a number 2 at a big club like Liverpool perfect.

  32. Very refreshing to hear the manager talk so openly and honestly.

  33. i think he could do very well but i worry about ayre and the boston bunch what futher affect will they have football should be left to men who know what they are doing.

  34. peter tuckwell

    got to give Rodgers credit for doing this interview bet there aint 1 premiership manager who would come and do this i think he done it as he knew we(fans)were hurting and we wanted reassuranes and he came and gave us them

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